Home History Prototype JT Excellerator 5.0 from Paul

Prototype JT Excellerator 5.0 from Paul

Prototype JT Excellerator 5.0 from Paul


Just got back from Few 2012, thanks a ton for putting it on Gilly. Played a lot of pump, recorded a few awesome videos, and ate way too much BBQ.

Here is a paintgun Paul Schreck gave me from the large lot of JT guns he acquired last month.
This is the second prototype (?) or ”Test Marker B” for the JT Excellerator 5.0.
Notice the BooYaah electronic frame adapted to fit with JT grips, the stickers on the side and the serial number of ”0000000.”

The side stickers read:
”5.0 Marker Test”
”Tem Feng and another name (partially ripped off) 3/11/03”

It also has two JT stickers and an arrow on that tape that points to the second stick which isn’t inlayed onto the body. This might indicate that the stickers is supposed to be moved to center of the body from the further back position.

Anyways, cool prototype for a cheapo JT blowback! Thanks Paul!

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