Palmer’s Pursuit Shop

Palmer’s Pursuit Shop Typhoon Switch Actuation

This video shows the actuation of a Palmer Pursuit Shop Typhoon Switch.

Dogs of War Jacket Patch from Richard Wilcox

This large Dogs of War patch was given to me by Rick Wilcox of the Dogs and is meant to be placed on the back of a jacket .

David Coronel’s PPS Swiss Cheese Autococker

A look at David Coronel's PPS Swiss Cheese Autococker that he purchased from Palmer's and built up. This is Craig Palmer's signature Autococker style.

Freeflow Lotus Autococker with Race Frame

Tim of Paintballtek dot com looks at a Freeflow Lotus Autococker with a matched Acid Wash anodized Race Frame.

Rick Cendejas’ Ironmen Line SI Bushmaster c.1988

Rick Cendejas and Michael Baird talk about an old Line SI Bushmaster, which Rick fabricated a diagonal pump handle for and used around 1988 on the Ironmen.

Started filming a few videos shooting misc paintguns today

A table of misc paintguns and equipment that I'm preparing for videos tomorrow.

A line up of classic pumps with stocks

Here are some classic pumps I had in northern California including Bushmasters, a Carter Comp and some WGP Snipers.

PPS J Slot Quicksilver on a DF converted PMI 1

An early direct feed converted PMI 1 with the Palmer Quicksilver 12 gram changer. One of the first Glenn made, this pump uses a J cut instead of a drop out.

Sheridan Pump paintgun Valves by Palmer’s and AGD

A video looking at a mix of Sheridan pump paintball marker valves including a stock valve, a PMI Turbo Valve, and two Palmer's valves.

Palmer’s new platform, The Lance Pump (or semi)

A few of the custom Lance Pumps from Palmer's Pursuit Shop that were at SPEW in March of 2015.

Walz modified PPS Pug with Eric Lechooch Horne

This Sheridan pistol started life out as a Palmer's Pursuit Shop Pug and Eric sent it to Walz to be converted to a direct feed with a removable barrel.

A P-Stock by Doc’s Machine on a 1K Blazer

Doc Nickel identified the pictured stock as one of his creations built around 2003 and several other photos of his style P stock are shown on his sight.

Rick Cendejas on The Ironmen, the Intro of Semis and Tournament Play

Rick Cendejas explains his history playing with the World Championship team, the Ironmen though original captain General Rick Baird and Bob Long.

Tosh’s Palmerized Stroker Stan-nihilator

The third article and video with Tosh Tanaka, on his Palmerized Stroker Annihilator, or as Tosh refers to it as, his Stoked Stan-nihilator.

Tosh Tanaka’s MK1 Mac 1 Annihilator c.1989

The second of three videos with Tosh Tanaka on his MK1 Mac 1 Annihilator, purchased new from McMurray in 1989.

Tosh Tanaka and his Mac 1 Annihilators

Over the summer I purchased two Mac 1 Annihilators from Tosh Tanaka. A Palmerized Stroker Stan Russell Annihilator semi and a Mac 1 pump MK 1 Annihilator.

Joel Kaufman on the Rock Regulator’s creation

Joel Kaufman describes the issues that the early 1991 Autocockers had and the fixes that a lower pressure from the Palmer's Rock Regulator provided.

Dan DeBone’s early Palmer’s Rock Regulator

Dan Debone discusses an early Palmer's Pursuit Shop Rock Regulator which was one of the first few constructed.

Dan DeBone explains a Prototype Elite Weapon’s Battle Pump handle

Dan Debone explains an early prototype Elite Weapon's Sheridan Battle Pump handle that belonged to a fellow Dogs of War player.

Joe “Viper” O’Connor’s Dogs of War Stroker

Chris Van Horn purchased an old Stroker from Viper, who played on the Dogs of War. Built in 1992 this Palmer's Pursuit Shop semi sheridan is a neat setup.