Lapco Stock Class Grey Ghost number 32

A look at Lapco Stock Class Ghost number 32, built by Colin Thompson in the early 1990s while he was employed at Mr. Paintball in Escondido.

Lapco Force Recon from the Early 1990s

A look a one of Colin Thompson's Lapco Force Recon pump paintball markers from the early 1990s. This pump is breech drop and electric sky blue.

Rick “Relliott” Elliott’s Stock Class Ghost #25 – Betty, c. 1994

A closer look at Rick "Relliot" Elliott's Lapco Stock Class Ghost, Betty, engraved with number 25. Likely made from 93-94 in San Diego.

A Unique Early Lapco Ghost with UMB Frame c. late 1989

A write up on a very unique Lapco Grey Ghost. The frame and UMB mount, for the stock, are specific to a small segment of early lapco ghost from late 1989.

Opening of Paintball Connection in 1989

A scan from December 1989 on the opening of Paintball Connection and several NW/Carter framed Ghost from later 1988 to 1989.

Lapco Stock Ghost #32 Breakdown c.1994-1996?

A breakdown of Lapco Stock Ghost number 32 which was originally owned by Colin Thompson's fellow employee of Mr. Paintball in Escondido.

Colin Thompson’s Verti-Flow Anti Siphon System

Erick Lambarri provided some additional details on these unique Lapco Dual Tank systems. Erick came up with the name Verti-Flow and Colin liked it.

Colin Thompson on the Invention of the Bottomline ASA

Colin Thompson, of Los Angles Paintball Company was an early innovator and one creation I had no idea he was responsible for was the Bottomline ASA Duckbill.

I spoke with Colin Thompson, of Lapco…

I had the opportunity to talk with Colin Thompson, of Lapco, on the phone yesterday. Colin has always been someone I wanted to question!

Classic Lapco Stock Class Grey Ghost

Right and Left side photos of the feed assembly on the classic Lapco Stock Class Grey Ghost.

Various Lapco Flutted Hammers for Nelsons in Brass and Stainless

A collection of Lapco Flutted hammers for nelson based pumps in brass and stainless.

Patrick Lee and his Palmer’s Tornado in Canada

An email from Patrick Lee where he describe his history with the Palmer's Tornado built on the Ghost.

Conserve and Conquer / PaintballGateway / Tornado

Games at SC Village and another photo of the Palmer's Tornado.

Palmer’s Tornado LPR plumbing

A photo showing the Rock LPR's connection to the back valve body on a Palmer's Tornado.

Lapco Grey Ghost with F1 Threads

Another shot of the Lapco Grey Ghost with the removable barrel and F1 Illustrator threads.

Lapco Grey Ghost with Dual 3.5 oz tank

A Lapco Grey Ghost with dual 3.5 siphon tanks on a lapco stock. A very unique vintage pump combination.

Two Classic Lapcos, a ghost and a spirit

Two classic lapco pumps, a ghost and a Spirit. Both in used shape so I decided to part them out.