The Constable / Gatenby FN-49 .62 cal Rifle c.1987

I shoot some older .62 caliber paint through the FN-49 rifle, given to David Freeman by Steve Constable of Pursuit Supplies International.

The Tippmann SMG 68 and the Failure Prone Aluminum Magazine

A treasure chest of Tippmann SMG 68 parts which are just what I need for resurrecting my Tippmann SMG 68 and shooting off a full auto burst!

Tippmann SMG-60 to 68 Special Conversion details and dates

History on the Tippmann's 68 Special conversion which changed a majority of the model SMG 60 and SMG 68s into Direct Feed Semi Automatic paintguns.

Tippmann History – Early SMG 60s HT6 and HT7

A closer look at release dates of the Tippmann SMG-60 and speculation on how the early SMG-60 prefixes may have played into Tippmann's early history.

Two 62 cal Tippmann SMGs used as Special Effects Paintguns

Here are two 62 caliber Tippmann SMGs I purchased off craigslist. They look great and included a few Powder balls as well.

Deciphering tippmann smg-60 serial numbers

What do the prefix in front of early smg 60 serial numbers mean? HT, DT and HR are some of the examples but did DT proceed HT?

Brian Krinsky, of Retread Paintball, shooting a SMG-60

Brian shoots a few clips of 62 caliber paintballs through the magazine of his SMG-60. One of the most fun guns to shoot while being very tough to play with.

Promotional Tippmann SMG 60 video

A Tippmann SMG 60 Promotional video that I purchased several years back.

SMG 60 Patch

A Tippmann SMG 60 patch from the 80s.

Scorpion Elite, pictured in PSI June 1991

A new products write up for the Pursuit Supplies International Scorpion Elite, which was the second model inline blowback by PSI, similar to the 68 Special.

Tippmann SL-68 1 Pump Breakdown Photo

A breakdown photo of a Tippmann SL-68 1 before it's inventoried and listed on the site.

Pursuit Supplies International Scorpion from New Zealand

A few images of a Pursuit Supplies International Scorpion Inline blowback which I imported from New Zealand a few years back.

Echo’s Pile of Poo Tippmann Prolite custom build

Andrew "Echo" Glover and Jason "Sniper42" Schwartz show off Andrew's Pile of Poo custom tippmann Prolite. Winner of mcb's 2012 Pile of Poo build.

Bret G shoots a 68 special smg

In this video BretG uploaded, he shows off a 68 special converted to shoot 68 smg clips.

Bret G’s smg 68 carbine

One of Bret G's smg 68 creations, this one based on a 68 Carbine.

Tippmann SMG 60 dealer parts kit

Here is a Tippmann SMG dealer parts kit I found.