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Promotional Tippmann SMG 60 video

Promotional Tippmann SMG 60 video

Promotional SMG 60 video from January 1988. Imported this several years back but forgot about it.

This is one of my favorite paintball videos of all time and makes me wonder, how many fields ran strictly smg 60 games?

I acquired this video probably 8 years back and imported it about 4 years ago. I forgot about it since then and came across it last week. The footage is in pretty bad shape and had a awful cast of magenta which I color corrected as best I could.

The SMG 60 was released in I believe March 1987 and this video is dated January 1988.
According to David Freeman, of PMI, Direct Connect and likely president of Tippmann Pneumatics at the time this video was produced, the games in this video may have taken place near Fort Wayne, Indiana and the players were likely Tippmann’ s family.

Freeman was the one to initially introduce Dennis Tippmann to Paintball and invested in Tippmann as Dennis’ original partner while the SMG was under development. According to Freeman, he was later kicked out of Tippmann after it became obvious paintball was a viable industry for Dennis’ talents and Freeman’s investment funding from PMI was pushed aside in favor of Tippmann’s family as partners.

In the video the early model full auto and side line SMG-60s are shown. Sometime in 1988 (possibly later 1988) the internal airline model would have replace the external airline model and then in 1989 the SMG-68 would go into producing.

The early smg (HT 7) in the intro came from Craig Santisario who purchased it from one of the Hefferle brothers. Craig wrote me that the Hefferle’s sent it to Tippmann for an upgrade, Tippmann lost it and replaced it and then found it several years later, returning it to them. The Hefferle’s sold it to Craig.

According to Sergey Levkov of Lapco, today’s standard asa pin valve (or needle valve as the narrator says) wasn’t actually developed by Dennis Tippmann but was found at a local soda supplier. Dennis Tippmann thought the valve was industry standard for soda stream and produced his SMG 60 to work around this valve. He later found out the style pin valve he modeled his paintgun around was not common and Tippmann had to go into production of the asa pin valves themselves.

From this video here are a few of the best quotes:

“The game will continue to draw avid enthusiasts. What that translates into is many existing and new participants, looking for a dependable, highly efficient and accurate paintball gun. We have the solution…, the Revolutionary SMG 60, Automatic or Semi automatic sub machine Gun.”

“There’s no need to baby this Weapon!”

“And because it’s both automatic and semi automatic, it can be fired accurately at a dead run using one hand, avoiding the need to pump with both hands like most paintball guns.”

“It can take the worst and still fire accurately at a minimun of 100 feet EVERYTIME.”

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