Articles containing videos on paintball history.

Serial 01 & 02 External Line Tippmann SMG-60s

Two amazing Tippmann SMG-60s from early 1987 with serial numbers 01 and 02 along with the original invoice and paintball history on Tippmann.

Skip Swift of SwiftLine, an early Autococker Innovator

Skip Swift, of Swift Line Industries was one of the original East Coast Sniper 2 and Autococker innovators in the early 1990s. In the years after the introduction of the Autococker he worked on Bob Long and the Ironmen's paintball guns. He also produced parts and accessories in the early 1990s out of Connecticut.

Unknown Autococker body w/ Wire Detent and Eye Ridge

An unidentified WGP Autococker body that was machined with an Eblade eye cover ridge and has an NW Feedneck.
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