Medusa Sling Frame for the Autococker and Automag by Pro-Team Products and Benchmark

In the early 2000s, Pro-Team Products and Benchmark Manufacturing developed the Medusa Sling Frame which would be a base platform that could be configured for both Automags and Autocockers and used a “patent pending “Mag-Field” magnetic trigger return system.”

PTP Benchmark Medusa Sling Trigger Frame – c.2002

The idea behind making one frame that would work for both platforms is explained in a PTP press release (provided by Forest Hatcher of PTP):
“Not only does the Medusa frame take trigger technology a whole giant leap forward, it also reduces inventory expenses for retailers across the board, since they only need to stock one frame, along with sear assembly packages!”

Benchmark / PTP Medusa Frame for the Autococker. Left side assembled view.
Benchmark / PTP Medusa Frame for the Autococker. Left side assembled view.

And Forest explain via messages that “All frames were supposed to be identical – simply swap [Automag] and [Autococker] internals as needed. Would have been a great product but it simply “dragged” out so long that it got lost in the mix. This was one of those 99% projects that I kick myself for when they happen. Will see what else I can recall, but it was another one of my attempts to provide a “Universal” product – which was pretty much my mission in life.”

Benchmark / PTP Medusa Frame for the Autococker. Right side assembled view.
Benchmark / PTP Medusa Frame for the Autococker. Right side assembled view.

PTP’s site lists the following news updates:
“June 4, 2002 – Our new Benchmark Medusa “Sling” Trigger Frame is almost ready. We are finishing our Beta testing, and the results are even better than expected. Our head tech Earl has his trigger down to a 1mm SUPER light pull. The really good news is that this frame will fit both ‘Cockers and Mags (you’ll see…). Stay tuned. We’ll have photos next week.”

And the following year:
“January 15th, 2003 – The new Medusa “Lite” trigger frame is ready for Automags. Details soon…”
Find PTP’s news page at

Automag Medusa frame without magnets. Likely named the Medusa Lite version.
Automag Medusa frame without magnets. Likely named the Medusa Lite version.

The “Medusa Lite Frame” is (likely) the version that pops up more often, which is setup for the Airgun Designs Automag and does not have the embedded magnets.
Find more photos and a Medusa Lite frame sold long ago here:

In the press release for this frame, PTP/Benchmark writes, “External adjustments for [sear height (trigger rod in Automag), 3-way position, and trigger stop]. Combined with patent pending “Mag-Field” magnetic trigger return system, you’ve never seen anything like it. 6061 T-6 aluminum in satin black anodized finish.”

Medusa Autococker Frame, right side.
Medusa Autococker Frame, right side.

The PTP new release continues, “The real “guts” of the Medusa Frame consists of interchangeable trigger “bases” that allow you to use the frame for either Automag or Autococker by simply switching one for the other, and attaching the trigger shoe. The Autococker base has a pivoting sear actuator which engages the sear in exactly the same sliding manner as the standard Autococker frame (which is where we get the “sling” – combination slide and swing – trigger designation). This makes for an extremely short (we have tweaked them to as little as a 1mm pull) and light trigger. The sear actuator is externally adjustable allowing sear height to be easily set.”

Medusa Autococker Frame, left side.
Medusa Autococker Frame, left side.

Forest esitmates that around 50 frames were made, writing, “[I] Think we built some Medusa style triggers for Mags (no frames as far as I recall).”
This likely means that the frames for Mags were the Medusa Lite frames which was the base form without the embedded magnets and wedge style blade trigger.

Close up view of Medusa Autococker Frame.
Close up view of Medusa Autococker Frame.

Forest comments that the pictured Autococker frame, which came from Russell Breeden via Roman Oyzerovich, is likely an early version. Hatcher writes, “FYI – [the photo you sent was] actually a pretty early model possibly just barely out of the Prototype stage…”

Find the two referenced Pro-Team Products Press Releases, which Forest Hatcher sent:


Thanks to Forest at Pro-Team Products for the information in this article and visit PTP online at and


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