How Can You Help?

With Paintball History dot com I am not trying to make an overall catalog of paintball items. Catalogs and encyclopedias on every paintball item in existence can already be found in several places (most notable being
Paintball History dot com is instead a collection of stories which serves to tell the story of paintball’s history. These memories come from all ages of people involved in paintball through the decades, and serve to establish firm dates, tell the stories, or introductions, of what came before the equipment we recognize and more importantly the people, places and events those innovations, games and meetings happened.

How can you help? I work a variety of jobs and i sell junk paintball pieces on baccipaintball dot com. Sure I enjoy the other stuff I do, but none of it really is as important to me as documenting paintball’s history.
Every day we are loosing more of paintball’s history. I do my best to document what I can. Much of this documentation is delayed from being published, just because I don’t have enough time.

Even if I worked 48 hours a day (yes, obviously impossible) on documenting paintball history I couldn’t tell all the stories, get all the interviews, and identify every unknown paintball item on the internet.

So how can you help?
There are a variety of ways to help.

  1. Consider supporting this endeavor to document as much paintball history as possible by contributing on Patreon. You can donate 1 dollar a month on patreon or 100 dollars a month. But more importantly, you don’t need to. This site is to educate, inspire and enjoy more importantly. I will have benefit levels on patreon, and maybe some drafts will be available to preview, but the goal of all projects is to make public so if you can’t donate please don’t feel like you are missing out.
  2. Donate your paintball items to paintball history dot com. I’m not a non profit (I wish), so your donation isn’t going to get you a write off. It will however, help further the cause. Depending on the item it will either be displayed the paintball history dot com display, written about in articles, or, with your approval (for more common items) sold to help fund paintball history dot com.
  3. Help point out corrections. I make mistakes, a lot of them. Not just in my life, but on this website. I can’t possibly get everything correct, which is why i need help. I need dates for the paintball timeline. I need corrections on all item/company/people/event pages. I need items about different potions of the site. I want to eventually have a map up where i can tag locations of fields in the past, know an open source program that will help tag these places on google maps?
  4. Subscribe, like and share articles. Sure, a video of bending a beavertail back isn’t the most entertaining video to watch and you mom, aunt, sister or cousin on facebook certainly won’t give you a facebook like on it. But maybe send it to a friend you remember had his beavertail crushed or bent in shipping. Maybe the person you share the video of Brahim Estephan’s micro Autococker remembers someone else who was building half block cockers really early on and want to tell that store?
  5. Write your own article and submit it. I’d love to have contributors on this site. One of the reasons I wanted to move the articles off baccipaintball dot com is so that I can get some help. I can set up accounts (this is a wordpress site afterall) and can write their own articles.
  6. And lastly, just keep checking back for more articles. As I write this I have a backlog of 1000 somewhat complete articles saved as drafts which give a little more insight on every youtube video I’ve posted, but also the complete articles to go with many of the instagram detail shots I constantly post. In the upcoming months I will not only be working to make many of those older articles live but I will be working to get many of the videos and articles on players, paintguns and fields live. There are hundreds of them. I’d love to get a shorter article and video up each day but that’s not a reality. A few a week are.