Coming Soon

Although this looks like a pretty basic site it’s really all about content.

•Over 1000 articles are currently live (that were originally published on baccipaintball dot com) and there are another 1000 that need to be finished up.
•There are also over a thousand videos on youtube.

Some portions of paintballhistory dot com are really at the beginning stages.
•The Timeline portion is really at the beginning stage. It works and I’ve added only a handful of dates to give an idea of what it will look like. Now imagine this timeline filled with over 1000 dates and a majority of those dates linking to the relevant articles! Imagine wondering what teams placed at the Masters event in 1991? Just navigate to the timeline and go to 1991 and look up the event. This event would then link to relevant articles!
•I’m still working on the overall look. many small css errors exist. I could spend another 2 months working on the site but I’d rather have it live now and fix things over time.
•The crowdfunding through patreon aspect is not very well thought out. Over time this will make more sense, but to simply explain it, editing video takes a long time. There are probably 500 or more videos I need to edit. I’d love to spend a whole week editing videos but this isn’t a reality. I’d love to travel to more events outside of California to do more paintball history interviews and then have time to edit those interviews. This not only takes time, but money as well. Will it be a reality? Who knows?

•Lists pages, such as “All Paintguns,” are very much under construction. At some point in the future thumbnail photos will hopefully be available for each paintgun, company, team and person listed.