Skip Swift of SwiftLine, an early Autococker Innovator

Skip Swift, of Swift Line Industries was one of the original East Coast Sniper 2 and Autococker innovators in the early 1990s. In the years after the introduction of the Autococker he worked on Bob Long and the Ironmen's paintball guns. He also produced parts and accessories in the early 1990s out of Connecticut.

Paintball History Display at the Bay Cities Classic

This weekend we set up a killer paintball history display at the Bay Cities Classic in Sacramento California, with over 50 markers and tons of history info.

Bob Long’s Ironmen 32 Degrees jersey

A look and some details about a possible 32 Degrees' jersey that is marked for Bob Long's Ironmen. This dates to 2001 and was likely a practice jersey.

Rick Cendejas’ Early 90’s Ironmen Autococker and Splash Minicocker

Two custom Minicockers courtesy of Rick Cendejas. An original Ironmen Autococker, and a Splash Mini that Rick built himself around late 1993 / early 1994.

Darryl Trent’s 1991 Ironmen Autococker

A look at a unique Ironmen Autococker engraved for Darryl Trent and retracing this Autococker's competitive paintball history around the globe.

Two early injection molded Nasty Boys Loaders c.1989-93

A look at two Nasty Boys Paintball Loaders which date to the late 1980s and early 1990s. One style is unbranded and the other was likely produced by APP.

Rick Cendejas’ Ironmen Line SI Bushmaster c.1988

Rick Cendejas and Michael Baird talk about an old Line SI Bushmaster, which Rick fabricated a diagonal pump handle for and used around 1988 on the Ironmen.

A line up of classic pumps with stocks

Here are some classic pumps I had in northern California including Bushmasters, a Carter Comp and some WGP Snipers.

Chris Iaquinta on the Old School Paintball Big Game

Chris Iaquinta talks about the November 8th Old School Paintball Big Game and his plans for upcoming games in the near future.

Shooting Machine Gun Mike’s 1991 Ironmen Autococker

Shooting a Classic Autococker that belonged to Ironmen player, Michael "Machine Gun Mike" Baird, and looking at some of the modifications done to it.

Identifying the Ironmen in the January 1988 issue of Front Line

Mike Baird, Rick Cendejas and Michael Leon identify Ironmen players in the January 1988 issue of Front Line Magazine.

The Ironmen, pictured in Paintcheck 2/92 and early history

Rick Cendejas looks at the Ironmen in Paintcheck February 1992; Mike Baird and Michael Leon comment on the history of the Ironmen from 1985-87.

Brahim Estephan’s Vert Feed Ironmen Autococker c.1996?

Back in 2012 I traded for this vertical feed Ironmen body, empty, from Paul "lucky duck" Schreck. Paul has known...

The Brush Bandits and the Florida Annihilators form Team Rage c.1993

Joe Gorcsos explains the merging of the Florida Annihilators with the Brush Bandits to form Team Rage and Rage's early years from 1994-1996.

Rick Cendejas on The Ironmen, the Intro of Semis and Tournament Play

Rick Cendejas explains his history playing with the World Championship team, the Ironmen though original captain General Rick Baird and Bob Long.

Darryl Trent of the Ironmen Interview, at Store Wars III c.1992

An interview segment filmed in 1992 at Paintball Hill's Store Wars game with Darryl Trent of the Ironmen and a relevant team photo, scans and patches.

K-C No Hot Shots’ Gas Through Grip on Mags and Cockers

Some photos of K-C No Hot Shot's Accessories including the Gas Through Grip assembly mounted on Autocockers and Automags and some history on Kermode's regs.

Rob Shaffer’s 1994 Bob Long Signature Series Autococker

Rob Shaffer gave me permission to post these photos of a 1994 Bob Long Signatures Series Autococker with serial 19574 and all matched accessories.

Brahim “Brian” Estephan’s 1996 Ironmen Jt Jersey

Paul Schreck showed me this jersey that Brahim Estephan wore in the 1996 ESPN World Championships.

Dale Price of Pegleg Paintball on Youtube

Dale Price of Pegleg Paintball and the team, Paraplegic Turtles has been busy uploading tons of paintball videos onto his youtube channel.