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K-C No Hot Shots’ Gas Through Grip on Mags and Cockers

Last month I received a bunch of new old stock from David Kermode of Kermode Concepts.  This batch of K-C No Hot Shots accessories included Regulator Nose Caps (male and female), Gas Through Grips / Mini Expansion Chambers, 1/8th female to asa male adapters, and the black anodized the regulator bottom-line bracket.

Find these K-C No Hot Shot accessories listed on BacciPaintball here:

K-C No Hot Shots Accessories added to inventory
K-C No Hot Shot Accessories added to inventory in June 2014. All clear anodized (except the reg clock).

Dave sent this product pamphlet (scanned below) that shows his line of K-C No Hot Shots clear anodized aluminum air accessories. The pamphlet clearly names the accessories pictured above.

K-C No Hot Shot's front side of product pamphlet
K-C No Hot Shot’s front side product pamphlet from David Kermode. Dave sent this along with the Gas Through Grips and asa adapters I purchased from him.

 And the the reverse side below:

Inside of K-C No Hot Shots pamphlet.
K-C No Hot Shot’s backside pamphlet. David’s K-C No Hot Shot regulator is unique because it easily converts from male to female with a different nose cape.

While many air accessories produced in the 90s were only available in black, including the first line of Regs that Eric Scott manufactured, Dave later convinced Eric to change his regulator color to gold after he began distributing the regulators as the K-C No Hot Shots Regs (c. 1992-93).


Dave informed me that, “Eric’s first regs were black anodized.  I convinced him to switch to gold anodizing to set [the K-C No Hot Shot Reg] apart from the black color that was standard for guns and parts at that time (and to suggest high value).”

later KC reg with type I nose cap
Later KC No Hot Shot Regulator with Type I male nose case. When Dave took on manufacturing these regulators himself he thicken the regulator OD to 1-1/8th inches.

Even though Dave initially marketed Eric Scott’s regulators, he is careful to separate his later revised clear anodized regs as his own and the gold and black regs as Eric’s.  
Eventually, Dave and Eric parted ways on not so great term over several issues, one of them being the concern of safety with the move from co2 to HPA in the Gold Regulators.

Dave wanted to revise the regulator design to avoid the possibility of accidents if the first stage regulator on a tank failed and the 3000 psi or 4500 psi ended up inside a tank.  Eric resisted and since Dave had invested so much in the marketing of the Regs and building a network around his K-C Trouble Free Oil and the Regulators he went on his own to improve the design and secure his own patent.

Later K-C Reg with type 2 nose cap.
Later K-C No Hot Shots Regulator with Type II nose cap for use on the end of a remote or in a K-C bottomline reg mount.

In our telephone conversations Dave told me that his K-C No Hot Shot Regs “were larger in diameter than Erics.  The material was 6061 aluminum, and a thicker wall thickness was [used as a safety concert] with trend to larger 4500 tanks.”
The later revised clear anodized K-C No Hot Shots regs also use a Nose Cap design which screws onto the regulator valve body and secures the reg piston 

Female front end of later type 2 K-c reg
Front female output of later K-C Reg with type 2 nose cap.

Dave also added in email,
“The important thing to remember is that the [Clear Anodized] K-C regs and parts are 1-1/8″ in diameter, while similar paintball accessory parts not related to K-C were typically 1.”

Mini expansion chamber in a Lapco bottomline adapter.
Mini expansion chamber screwed into a Lapco Bottom line asa. Both are 1-1/8th inch OD. Find the combined gas through here.

Because of this Dave mentioned his male remale line adapters / ASA Plugs “will look odd when attached to anybody else’s tubular gun accessory.” 

Lapco asa with K-C asa reducer.
Lapco ASA with K-C ASA reducer screwed in. Both are 1-1/8th inches. Find the ASA reducer here.

Dave’s 1-1/8th inch parts, including the asa plugs, do look great on a variety of guns though.

combined and separated ASA reducer.
Combined and Separated K-C Mini Expansion Chamber and ASA Reducer. Find these on BacciPaintball here.

Below are photos of the “K-C No Hot Shots” Gas Through Grips (which are the width of 1-1/8th inches) on Autocockers and a couple Automags.

Dave has these parts labeled as the Mini Expansion Chamber / Extension and the ASA Reducer in the pamphlet above. These photos illustrate clearance on stock setups and the length the Mini Gas Through Grip extends. 

45 Minimag left side with no hot shots
Minimag with 45 frame shown with K-C gas through.
45 Minimag left side with no hot shots
45 Minimag with K-C gas through

Pictured above is an 45 framed Airgun Designs Automag with the K-C Mini Expansion chamber and Reducer combined to form a sleek Gas Through Grip.

Minimag right side with no hot shots gas through grip
Minimag right side view with K-C No Hot Shots Gas Through Grip.
Minimag left side with no hot shots
Minimag left side view with K-C No Hot Shots Gas Through Grip.

A Stock Carbon fiber receiver Minimag with the combined K-C No Hot Shots Gas Through Grip.

It Automag right with K-C Gas through grip
It bodied Automag right side view with K-C Gas Through Grip close up.
It Automag left with K-C Gas through grip
It bodied Automag left side view with K-C Gas Through Grip close up.

An more modern IT bodied Classic valve Automag with the K-C Gas Through Grip.

Ironmen k-c gas through right.
I should had added a bottomline regulator to this setup since there is no current inline regulator pictured.
Ironmen Autococker with gas though.
Brahim Estephan’s Vert Feed Ironmen Autococker with KC No Hot Shots Gas Through.

One of Brahim Estephan’s Ironmen Autocockers mocked up with the K-C Mini Expansion chamber and Reducer Gas Though Grip to show the fit in the Autococker’s vertical asa.  With this setup a bottomline regulator would likely be used.

I’ll be posting more history on David Kermode’s K-C Trouble Free Oil, and other projects later on.

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