Neat Automags Online jersey from A-Tach-One – ~c.2005

A neat Automags Online jersey I bought a couple weeks back. This design was likely a group buy on AO in the mids 2000s.

Medusa Sling Frame for the Autococker and Automag by Pro-Team Products and Benchmark

The Medusa Sling Frame was developed in 2002 by Pro-Team Products and Benchmark for Autocockers and Automags and used a "Mag-Field" magnetic trigger return.

AGD Automag with a neat On / Off bottomline

Here is a classic valve Airgun Design Automag with a neat on off bottomline design that is likely homemade from an On off npt fitting with a drilled plate.

John Coleman’s history with the Bushwackers and Carter Machine

John Coleman of the Bushwackers, Carter Machine and Dye remembers his history in Paintball through the late 1980s and mid 1990s.

Oh Mag Minimag by Oh Pawlak of Predator Paintball c.1996

Benji's Splash Oh Mag AGD Minimag by Oh Pawlak and a scan from the December 1996 Action Pursuit Games showing an Oh Mag ad.

AGD Minimag with Reverse Retro Valve

Here is a neat Airgun Designs Minimag with a reverse Retro Valve, serial VV00832. This would likely date to 2001.

Automag Booyah E-LCD Frame

A look at an Automag BooYah E-LCD frame that I received in an Automag parts lot.

Testing a Minimag with an Eclipse Electric Sky Splash Kit

Here is an Eclipse Splash Automag I picked up locally in the Electric Sky pattern. I quickly test it before parting it out.

Custom Hyperframe AGD Automag

A beautiful totally custom Hyperframe setup for an Airgun Designs Automag, which has receiver, battery pack, asa and drop combined.

Counterfeit Micromag, from Bulgaria?

This Micromag likely originated from one of Francois Louvet's companies and have several differences from PTP's Micromags including standard ball detents.

Classic Automag Valve, Body and Rail highlights from October

Some of the automag parts and pieces that were added to inventory in late October 2014 including Classic Automag valves, rails and bodies.

45 Elite Expansion Chamber Grip / Euro Frame for Mags, Cockers, VM68s

Recent information has lead to a better understanding of the history behind Pressure Point, Inc.'s 45 Elite frames for Automag, Autococker and VM68s.

Team Sasquatch Pro-Teams Products Micromag c.1994-1995

A Team Sasquatch Micromag engraved for co-captain John Law. This Micromag was built, engraved, and used in tournaments around 1994-1995.

Ben “need4reebs” Douglas’ Lvl 5 Automag Pistol

Some photos of a customized Automag Pistol made by Ben "need4reebs" Douglas off a Lvl 5 or lvl 6 early C Clipped valve.

Modifying a Viewloader VL-90 hopper to withstand pump play

This tutorial shows a few easy modifications to modernize and overcome the flaws of a Viewloader VL-90 hopper. With these simple mods the vl-90 works great!

K-C No Hot Shots’ Gas Through Grip on Mags and Cockers

Some photos of K-C No Hot Shot's Accessories including the Gas Through Grip assembly mounted on Autocockers and Automags and some history on Kermode's regs.

Automag Auto Response Frame Trigger and Sear

The internals removed from a Gun F/X or Proline Airgun Designs Automag Auto Response.

RT, X Valve and Emag on/off pin lengths…

I was wondering what the recommended RT on/off pin lengths are so I did a little research and found the following info and threads on various boards.

Scorpion Autoloader Parts Breakdown

An opened up Scorpion Autoloader showing a breakdown of nearly every piece of the Autoloader.

Automag with the Smart Parts Smart Valve

A Smart Parts Smart Valved Automag with a Daystate Inline regulator.