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Classic Automag Valve, Body and Rail highlights from October

Here are some highlights from the 100 Automag parts that were added into inventory in October 2014.
This post will cover larger parts such as Classic Automag valves, bodies and rails, and a couple valve misc pieces. You can also see the giant group of mags that has accumulated over the past year.

Right side of October 2014 Automags getting parted out.
Left sides of the group of Automags that were parted out in October 2014.

Here are the complete Automags and a few spare valves that were stripped down and parted out.  The two ULE bodies are rentals mags that came from Brandon Cayetano’s Hawaii All-Star Paintball off mcb.

Black Teflon Automag - left side
Black Teflon Automag with Eclipse rail, Armson site and ACI Expansion chamber, left side.

Here is a Black Teflon Automag with a Diamond Labs Aluminum rear valve half, Black Eclipse Sight rail and Armson site.  I bought it locally and the owner used it a few times, playing with friends in Simi Valley California.

Black Teflon right powerfeed automag - right side
Black Teflon right power feed body, with diamond labs rear valve assembly.

And the opposite site. This classic mag looks great overall but unfortunately the previous owner misplaced the stock rear valve half. 

Right sides of Automags getting parted out
Automags parted out at the end of October 2014.

And the right sides of this group of Automags and Minimags. You can see a little of the green vinyl sticker on the side of the bottom center Minimag.

Team Raptor Minimag body.
Team Raptor Minimag body.

This Minimag was owned by a player on Team Raptor.  I think Team Raptor originated out of players from LRRP. This body isn’t forsale and I’ll be rebuilding it later on.

LRRP patch
Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol patch out of the Virginia, Maryland and Washing DC area. Not sure on the year from this patch.

This patch came from a player on L.R.R.P. named George (last name unknown). LRRP won the National Survival Games Championship in 1988 and later became part of Team Raptor. George was also a partner in AG Paintball out of Leesburg, VA. If I can get back in touch with George I’ll post an article on LRRP and Team Raptor with a scan out of the November 1997 APG which covered the teams.

Automag and Minimag bodies
Automag and Minimag bodies

Here are a few of the empty Automag bodies. Several Minimag bodies and a nice Black Teflon Automag body. These bodies are listed at:

Black Teflon Automag body
Black Teflon Automag body

Here is a close up of the Black teflon body.  It’s in great shape except for one small ding from the Eclipse sight rail.

ding on black teflon automag body
Blemish on Black Teflon Automag body.

A overhead shot of the close up ding.
This Black teflon automag body is listed at:

Hawaii All Star ULE bodies
Two autococker threaded Hawaii All star bodies.

And here are two bodies that weren’t included in that the Automag body photo above but can be seen in the larger group Automag photo.  These came from Brandon Cayetano when he liquidated a large amount of ULE rentals earlier this year.  I bought a couple to use and to part. These are dirty as hell but should work fine.
Find Wes “Shockman” Shockley’s article remembering Brandon Cayetano, who passed away earlier this year at:

top view of hawaii all star ULE bodies.
Top view of Hawaii All Star Automag bodies. “Field Rental” is engraved on top.

Field rental engraving is shown on the top of the bodies, find them at:

Automags rails from the october 2014 automag group.
A few of the Automag rails from these mags.

And here are the rails off these parted out Automags.
Mostly decent and used condition stock classic rails.  The two exceptions are a Shadow rail milled of a RT pro stock rail and a Red rail that would look great with some Cooper T parts attached.
Find these rails at:

Side view of Shadow rail. Unfortunately the "shadows" obscure the extreme milling detail.
Side view of Shadow rail. Unfortunately the “shadows” obscure the extreme milling detail.

A not so great photo of the Automag Shadow rail. Milled off a RT Pro rail.

Top view of Shadow rail
A top view of the Shadow rail. Not the best photos.

And the top view, which is also not a great shot, but does show the extensive milling.  This rail IS NOT pump milled but it is in great shape. Check it out at:

RT Pro rental rail from Hawaii All Star Paintball
RT Pro rental rail from Hawaii All Star Paintball

And if you need a RT Pro rail for your own project here are two off the Hawaii All Star Paintball rentals. Definitely dirty and beat up but great for slimming down.

Red Automag Classic Rail
Red Automag Classic rail that matches nicely with Cooper T parts.

And here is the red rail pictured with the group.  Just a stock Red Classic automag rail, but the tone matches Cooper T accessories nicely.

Cooper T vertical tank expansion chamber adapter.
Cooper T vertical Tank Expansion chamber adapter.

Here is a Cooper T tank expansion chamber vertical adapter that I listed several months back.  This would be a perfect match for this rail. Find the red rail at:
And combine that red rail with this Red Cooper T vertical Tank expansion chamber adapter:

Automag and minimag valve assemblies.
Automag and minimag valve assemblies.

And with this many classic mags getting parted out you are left with a ton of Classic Automag Valves! Most are tested and seems to hold air.

Find complete Automag valves and empty valve bodies at:

A nice Minimag LVL 10 valve.
A nice Minimag LVL 10 valve.

Here is a nice Minimag valve with a level 10 bolt kit installed.

Bottom view of the minimag lvl 10 valve.
Bottom view of the nice engraving on the Minimag Lvl 10 valve.

The engraving on the bottom is pretty strong! Find it listed here:

Field rental automag valve.
Side view and rental engraving on field gun automag valve from Hawaii All Star Paintball

Here is one of the two field rental LVL 10 valves that came from Hawaii All Star Paintball. This valve is very used but like most mag valves can take a beating and keep on…cycling?

FG Prefix on the Field Rental automag valve.
FG prefix serial number on the Field Rental Automag valve.

The Prefix starts with FG which likely stands for Field Gun. The brown stains are dirt that is super caked on.

powertube tip on field rental automag
These Field rental valves do have a removable powertube.

I always thought that Rental valve didn’t have a removable powertube, but these valve have the LVL 10 tip installed and it can be removed to expose the standard pieces.
These two valves are listed at:
http://www.baccipaintball.com/agd0482.html and http://www.baccipaintball.com/agd0483.html

Minimag valve with screw in powertube removed.
Minimag valve with screw in powertube removed.

I also listed some random incompleted stripped down Automag valves such as this Minimag valve missing the back half. The Front on this valve is removable so it would be a good start to a pump project if you’re looking for a cheap front and aren’t too concerned about matching front and backs.

Back side of removable powertube tip.
Back side of removable powertube tip.
interior of minimag classic valve
A rare view of the interior of a Classic valve. Spacers and pieces that take up volume can be placed inside here to increase efficiency for 12 gram usage.

And an interior views of either side of this removable tip valve.

Removable Powertube tip from Minimag Valve front
Removable Powertube tip from Minimag Valve front showing the threads.

This Minimag valve front with removable powertube tip is listed at:

Diamond labs aftermarket rear valve assembly in aluminum.
Diamond labs aftermarket rear valve assembly in aluminum.

And a Diamond Labs aluminum valve back that came with the Black Teflon Automag picture towards the top.

Diamond Labs 8 hole pattern on front of rear valve assembly.
Diamond Labs 8 hole pattern on front of rear valve assembly.

And a view of the front showing the 8 hole pattern.  Definitely lighter than the stock stainless Automag Rear valve half but I’m not sure what the weight savings are.  It’s generally agreed on that the 8 hole mod ads little if any benefit. Looks neat though and sounds MAGICAL when you explain it to someone unfamiliar with Mags!
Find this Diamond Labs aluminum valve at:

Lots more Automag parts were added as well last month and last week which I’ll be covering in one of the next parts highlight posts.

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  1. Hi dan, I recently bought a aradus barrel off of you. And now I’m looking to build a in expensive automag for my boy. Keeping it light and simple. I noticed toy got a surplus of stuff is there any thing we can do to either put one together or or piece one out. I also saw you have a splash mag with no valve unit. I may buy that one. Is there a working mag valve unit I can put into it? . So farI’m pleased with my tryst in your business let’s see if we can do more business. Email me back.
    D shawn pauley


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