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Custom Hyperframe AGD Automag

Another of Benji’s Automags, this unique setup features a one pieces aluminum receiver, aluminum battery pack, drop forward and on off asa, with what looks like a Shadow Rail and a ULE body on top. Set up with an Emag valve, and an OTP Autococker barrel.

This setup actually looks really well done, from the quick look I had.
And after a little more digging on the Automags dot org, I found a thread where the original owner documented the creation.


Benji's custom Hyperframe Automag, right side.
Benji’s custom Hyperframe Automag, right side.

Upon closer inspection, the frame is a custom hyper frame, the battery case holds two 9 volt batteries. The foregrip is also cut to allow air to come in the left side and exit the right side heading to the E-Mag valve. The rail has an on off rotational switch and the trigger is shaped like a tuna blade.

Left side of Hyper Framed Automag with one piece frame, battery pack, drop and asa.
Left side of Hyper Framed Automag with one piece frame, battery pack, drop and asa.

The wood panels and foregrip are also neat and give it a little bit of an old school look when placed on the Hyper Framed mag.

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