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Planet Eclipse E2 and E1 Autococker Frame Menu Options

Going through the controls for the E1 and E2 Autococker frame. I recorded this video mostly so I can re watch it when I get an Eblade frame in and not have to look at the manual.

I often find Planet Eclipse E1 and E1 Autococker E-Blade frames and can’t remember how to adjust the settings so I recorded this video on firing modes, powering them on the eye controls.

Every time I find myself reading the manual for these basic settings and although the manual will be a much better source of information on the Eblade, this quick video sums up the basic settings.

In the video I go over turning on and off, the eyes, the firing modes, the versions and other settings on an Eclipse E1 and E2 frames.

Autococker Eclipse E2 Frame screen
Autococker Eclipse E2 Frame screen

Here is a breakdown of different E Blade software versions from youtube comments.
1.2x or 1.3x Board for Euro circuit.
1.20 Mode names change to Ramp1 and Ramp2
1.10 Added ramping modes (PSP, Millennium)
1.08 Older version of millenium mode?
0.24 Semi and Classic Modes only. Blue white display.

Autococker Eclipse E1 Frame Screen
Autococker Eclipse E1 Frame Screen

1.06. Semi and Classic – red black display

Zero B
“The Zero B was an upgrade for the E1 that basically turned it into an E2. You can put the E2 board on the E1 frame and it will work.” – Luis Canto on youtube comment.
“…The zero b board is essentially an e2 board built to fit the e1 frame better. It was an important upgrade, since the E1 had terrible battery life and the trigger was very bouncy. The name zero b was short for “zero bounce.” – Magmoormaster on youtube comment.

“…Important to mention that e2 boards can be flashed back and forth between E2 and Zero B firmware. Benjamin Lamont currently has the Eclipse factory equipment to do this. Also worth noting is that if you flash an older version such as .24 to a newer version such as 1.10 or 1.20, you cannot go back to the older version.” – Phillip K on the youtube comments.

Red Button in E2 frame
“There is a red button inside the frame on the e2, hold it down you would be able to change firing modes and also change timing on con,coff,cdel” – Chris Hard on youtube comment.

Eclipse 0.24 E2 Autococker Frame display.
Eclipse 0.24 E2 Autococker Frame display.

Longer summary from Drew Drager written in the youtube comments:

“So the E1 was 1.06. I haven’t seen any other versions besides that out in the wild. E1 was a red dot matrix display that was semi automatic and classic. ( classic you hold the trigger in the fired position and the back block stays rearward until the trigger is released.) Battery life has been stated to be poor on the E1 but still a useable product.
E2 then came as .24 which was a larger clear window with a blue/white led display. That was also semi and classic only. Better battery life.
The E2 then came with 1.10.
1.10 included ramping, (PSP, Millennium), semi and classic. Version 1.20 is the same as 1.10 without the names PSP and Millennium. On 1.20 there is Ramp1 and Ramp2.
ZeroB is 1.10 and 1.20 same as E2 above with a smaller area of the blue/white display used so it can be better fitted for a “retrofit” into a E1 frame that originally came with a smaller window.
I’ve heard there was Euro programming of version number 1.2x or 1.3x (not sure on version number) but I haven’t held one. That Euro version was to make the board playable in the Euro circuit due to different rules.
Lastly the E2 0.24 has a longer dwell time for the solenoid that I’ve heard can be useful in setting up a MQ valve in a mini body. But again, no ramping on that version.”

These frames are pictured on a CCM J2 which came factory drilled for eyes, and a WGP prostock.

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