Planet Eclipse E2 and E1 Autococker Frame Menu Options

A detailed explanation and technical information on the Planet Eclipse E1 and E2 Frames for the Worr Game Products Autococker.

Parts Planet Eclipse Sterling with MDS Frame

An Eclipse Sterling modified by Planet Paintball out of the UK (which would become Planet Eclipse). Shown mocked up with an Marcus Davis Supplies frame.

Testing a Minimag with an Eclipse Electric Sky Splash Kit

Here is an Eclipse Splash Automag I picked up locally in the Electric Sky pattern. I quickly test it before parting it out.

Banzai Splash Eclipse Autococker with Benji

Benji and I take a look at a really neat Eclipse Autococker that likely dates around 2000 to 2003 and is anodized in the spectacular Banzai Splash.

Mismatched Eclipse Pro Series Autococker sold by WGP c. 2005?

An Eclipse Pro Series Autococker, made of mismatched parts that I purchased locally in September 2015. The seller originally purchase it from WGP as a mech.

An empty Eclipse Sterling body, awaiting a rebuild

An Eclipse Sterling I found a couple years back. The rest of the gun was stock so I parted it out and am looking for better parts.

Eclipse Advertisement Scanned from 9-1998 PGI

An Eclipse ad showing Autocockers, Angels, Automags, Sterlings and Sovereigns. All with the special Eclipse touches which make them so desirable 16 years later.

Shooting a Planet Eclipse Sovereign 1

In this quick video I shoot and show off a very nice Planet Eclipse modified Sovereign 1.

Planet Eclipse Sovereign

Here is an Eclipse cut Sovereign 1 I purchased last year. Besides the Eclipse ads, I have only seen one other picture of a Sov with Eclipse milling online probably 8 years ago. This picture doesn't show the milling that well but I will post a few more in the next few days. And of course you can find parts for Sovereign 1s on! This is actually the gun pictures in the Sovereign Parts category picture.