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Eclipse Advertisement Scanned from 9-1998 PGI

Evan “Goon” Neale asked me to post this Eclipse ad I scanned from the September 1998 issue of Paintball Games International.

Eclipse Paintball Guns scanned from September 1998 PGI.
Eclipse Paintball markers from September 1998 Paintball Games International.

I think my magazine I scanned this from has some water stains on it.
Not super helpful for figuring out what an Early Eclipse cocker needs to make it stock but still a cool ad.

This advertisement also shows a Eclipse cut and anodized Sovereign and  Sterling, Angel and a couple Automags.

And Vegard asked for an enlarged crop of the Autococker from this ad:

1998 Eclipse cocker
1998 Eclipse Autococker from the September 1998 PGI Eclipse ad.

Here is a video shooting one of these Eclipse Sovereigns:

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