Parts Planet Eclipse Sterling with MDS Frame

Here is a quick video showing a project Eclipse Sterling I purchased a few years back. I’ve been slowly accumulating Sterling parts to assembly this and a few other sterlings and I wanted to get an idea how it looked with the Marcus Davis Supplies frame looked with the body.

Eclipse Sterling with MDS Frame c.~1996

The MDS frames were cast by Tim Illine who did most of the MDS modifications.

In a facebook post on 9/27/2018, Illine writes, “My dad & I did the tooling for the die cast trigger frame & 45 grip, it’s the same type as on Marcus Davis’s Predator Auto Mag.”

Planet Eclipse Sterling body mocked up with Marcus Davis Supplies frame.
Planet Eclipse Sterling body mocked up with Marcus Davis Supplies frame.

Illine produced this receiver style for most markers of the day including Nelsons, Cockers, Automags, Sterlings and more.

Eclipse Paintball Guns scanned from September 1998 PGI.
Eclipse Paintball markers from September 1998 Paintball Games International.

Planet milled these Eclipse Sterlings around 1996, so a little later than the frames were produced, but still mid 1990s.

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