Bad Boyz Toyz Brass Rat Valve – 1996

Bad Boyz Toyz Rat 1 Valve Brass – 1996

Here is a Bad Boyz Toys Rat 1 Valve that is made of brass and was machined by Sterling / Proline of England for BBT.

This article scan from the March 1996 issue of Paintball Sports International gives some more details on the early brass Rat valve..
This article scan from the March 1996 issue of Paintball Sports International gives some more details on the early brass Rat valve..

Paintball Sport International states, “In its tournament debut the R.A.T. Valve powered Aftershockto a 1st place, 12 gram max at the 1995 World Cup in the brutal pro division and the team Image to overall winners in the huge amateur bracket.”

The pictured Rat Valve example, which sold off the site needs a new stem most likely and new orings.

A Detailed look at Doug Knight's MDS modified Sterling

As mentioned in the article, these rat valves were built by Sterling/Proline. Versions were also built for some Sterlings, and pictured above in David Ahdoot’s MDS modified Sterling I break down.

David Ahdoot write, “While the press release says it’s a low pressure valve, it must be when compared to the 650psi operating pressure of unregulated CO2. In my experience these valve work best at about 350psi, at least in my sniper builds.”

Early Brass Rat Valve, likely 1995-96.
Early Brass Rat Valve, likely 1995-96.

Ron King, of the Paraplegic Turtles, comments on the youtube video, “This is the [valve] I put in all my autocockers when we went to HPA, it helped with efficiency. We bought them from Danny Love at the Chicago NPPL The older valves we ran with Palmers stems for reliability. I remember we could trade 3 used/old WGP valve stems to Glenn for one of his remanufactured stems.”

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