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Ben “need4reebs” Douglas’ Lvl 5 Automag Pistol

Ben “need4reebs” Douglas sent me photos of his pistol Automag he just finished putting together with parts from recent orders off BacciPaintball.

Automag pistol devolumized for 12 frams
Need4Reebs’ Automag Pistol devolumized for 12 grams.

This mag pistol was built to run off of 12 grams and to combat some of the efficiency issues, Ben has been working with devolumizing the valve which has produced good results.  He writes, “I devolumized my lvl 5 classic valve that’s on my pistola mag and that’s getting 25+ shots per 12 gram compared to 8-10 shots per 12 gram….oh hells yeah!!!”

automag 12 gram pistol with lever changer open
With lever changer open

For this build Ben looked for an older valve and settled on a lvl 5 (or 6?) valve with the c-clipped front powertube. I’m still a little unclear about the actual valve changes between Lvl 5 and Lvl 6 but from what I understand the valve was the same but the body used the permanent (non removable breech).

Ben writes that the serial number on his “lvl5 valve is CF01135,” and that he devolumized the dump chamber [behind the powertube] with “left over PVC pipe/pvc fittings from different projects” and that he also “used a piece of weed whacker line in the macro line to devolumize a little more.”

Left side view of Ben's Automag pistol.
Left side view of Ben’s automag pistol.

From the numbers Ben reported, his devolumizing seemed to help his shot count tremendously. 
Douglas reports:
“I’m using the WGP slam changer with the weird ASA [set up as a horizontal asa], a devolumized lvl 5 classic valve that got 28 good shots and 3 flea farts of a 12 gram .” He also reports a similar shot count from the first time testing the Line SI Lever Changer.

WGP pump 12 gram changer on bens automag pistol
Ben “NeedforReeb” Douglas’ Automag Pistol set up with a WGP Pump 12 gram changer.

Ben lists the following items used in this build as:
•Re-actor on/off
•Classic Automag rail
•Classic body
•An Empire Traccer top rail mod
•A BT Sa-17 spring feed
•Twistlock Bull barrel
•RTR quad 12gram holder
•Stock CF grip frame
•SP wood grips
•Ninja adjusting asa clip to fill a slight asa thread gap and adjust position of the Line Si Changer.

Automag pistol with the pump 12 gram changer left side.
Left side of Automag pistol with the WGP pump 12 gram changer.

Devolumizing the dump chamber in a standard Automag is generally not a good idea since it could lead to chocking or shoot down but in a pump, stock class or pistol Automag (where rapid fire isn’t as likely) this can help bring 12 gram efficiency up tremendously.  I asked Ben if he experience any shooting down and he replied:
“I haven’t experienced any shoot down so far but then again i haven’t had to shoot fast. I usually don’t shoot fast when playing pistol. I move fast but not shoot fast, ya know?
With the limited ammo I try to only shoot when I chrono or if it’s an elimination shot. Pistol play is one of my favorite styles of paintball!”

And here are a few of Ben’s other projects:
A Nasty dual body single trigger X valved Mechanical Mag:

A G Force framed Pneumag:

Marker stands:

And here are some of Ben’s other completed Automag projects. He writes:
“The Nasty Pneumag and tha Chord/Armada/Airwalk V2 Mag have the cheater mod, two of the pneumags are using the G-Force frames and all 3 M90 vert frames use the regular pneumag kits.”

Photos courtesty Ben “NeedforReebs” Douglas and used with his permission.  Thanks Ben!

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