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Brahim Estephan’s Vert Feed Ironmen Autococker c.1996?

Back in 2012 I traded for this vertical feed Ironmen body, empty, from Paul “lucky duck” Schreck. Paul has known Brahim since the 90s and over the years since B&M and OTP have closed down Brahim has slowly been trading parts and guns to Paul.

Paul's photo of the empty body. right.
Paul’s photo of the empty body. right. Photos courtesy Paul Scheck.
Paul's photo of the empty body. Left.
Yes, I know the keyword text is over the photo. I must have taken a screen shot of the original photo with the keyword text over it like a loser.

I’ve posted this Autococker a few times over the past years as I slowly update parts and this is the most recent arrangement. I’ve aded a Titanium Prophecy Unireg and added one of the remade Bob Long cages with match gloss black back block.  Paul had the cage made last year (or early 2014 maybe?) and had the back block drilled for me.

Brahim Estphan's 1996 Ironmen Autococker. Right side.
Brahim Estphan’s 1996 Ironmen Autococker. Updated photos as of December 2014, right side.

I haven’t found too many examples of the Ironmen playing with these vertical feed Autocockers and I don’t think Brahim used this paintgun much (if at all).  It seems like most Ironmen in the 1991-1996 period (before Bob was voted off the team) used one main paintgun, either their nickel cocker right feed Autococker from 1994 or stuck to their plain black stock cocker (which is what Brahim used).  The exception to this would be Bob Long, who seems like he is using a different Autococker in every photo.

Brahim Estphan's 1996 Ironmen Autococker. Left side.
Brahim Estphan’s 1996 Ironmen Autococker. Updated photos as of December 2014, left side.

I’ve wondered if the reason that these Vertical feed Ironmen Autocockers weren’t heavily used by the Ironmen main team was because shortly after they were received them, Bob was voted off the team?  And after Bob left, the now Southern California Ironmen received the Blue Bodied Autocockers and the northern California Ironmen II, or as they became know, Bob Long’s Ironmen, would continue using the black vert feeds? If anyone knows please post.

And here is a video I posted a while back showing The cage and back block on this Autococker. 
I’ll be changing the pictured pneumatics to the Red 1996 STO pneumatics and the plastic coated hose to steel a braided hose.

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