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A line up of classic pumps with stocks

Comps, Snipers, Line SI Bushmasters and more leaning up against the wall.
Comps, Snipers, Line SI Bushmasters and more leaning up against the wall.

Christmas line up of classic pumps in Northern California. Happy Holidays.

From left to right pictured are:
•Line SI Bushmaster from Scott Rich who played on the Ironmen in 1988-89(?). No Ironmen engravings.
•62 cal WGP sniper 1, with .62 caliber barrel and bolt. Body anodizing is a little lighter.  Maybe it was blemished or re anodized?
•Left feed Stan Russell Green finish Annihilator c. 1987-88? Original owner bought it in Carson California (at I and I?).
•Carter Comp, which was originally a tournament price at War Zone, according to the previous owner.
•Palmer’s Super Stocker P21
•Greg Durane’s Line SI Navarone Bushmaster (pre 90 snub). Has engraved pump arm and sight rail.
•Top Gun rental reversible feed sniper 1. Serial is around 2K.

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