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Short Barreled Tidy Bowl from Ted “Two Guns” Hines

Short Barreled Tidy Bowl from Ted “Two Guns” Hines
Ted "Two Guns" Hines' South Bay Arms Tidy Bowl Pistol c.1987.

Here is closer look at a short barrel South Bay Arms (Stan Russell and Earon Carter) Marauder, also known as a “Tidy Bowl pistol.”
This pistol came from Ted “Two Guns” Hines, who played on the Hawaii based teams Rough Riders and Ronin.

South Bay Arms’ direct feed Sheridan conversion was built off a Sheridan pellet pistol or paint gun (PG) lower tube and first debuted at the August 1986 War Zone big game. After this point Stan and Earon, who were already machining pump handles and other paint gun parts for Tim McMurray at Mac-1, started selling them to Tim as the Mac 1 Annihilator.

Tim purchased South Bay Arms paint guns until early 1988 when he moved to a different machinist. Around this same time Earon and Stan parted ways but remained close and Earon started producing more Nelspot based pumps.

Stan continued the Sheridan based Marauder line and worked with various paintball designers over the years, brining their ideas to life.

I would guess this pistol dates to about 1987. Earon and Stan have both explained to me that the Tidy Bowl was just a fun short barrel Marauder pistol they would offer. They named this pistol style the Tidy Bowl, after the toilet bowl cleaner, because it was used to cleanup a mess.

Talking with Ted Hines, he remembers receiving this pistol from his good friend Stuart Fishel, a teammate on Ronin Hawaii.

Ted thinks that Stuart likely purchased this Tidy Bowl on a trip to California in 1991, possibly off a Kamikaze Shooter player or at Earon Carter’s shop.

The feed hold cut in the side of the body is typical cut I’ve seen on several Kamikaze Shooters Marauders. The front of the barrel has a hole where a front sight likely was soldered on at one time.

The finish on this pistol is brass and you can see the steel feed neck that Stan and Earon would braze on.

The 12 gram knob also has one of the flared / stamped hardware screws welded onto it, that was also used on the tank holder stocks to keep the 10oz or 7oz tank in place. This could have also been a weld that Stan Russell did.

This pistol is built off an E or EB series Sheridan pellet pistol.

This pistol also has one of Derek Obatake’s thumb stops, which you can rest your thump on and keep the bolt and pump from moving around while running.

I need to place some wood grips on this and at some point re attach a front sight.

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