Home Events Darryl Trent of the Ironmen Interview, at Store Wars III c.1992

Darryl Trent of the Ironmen Interview, at Store Wars III c.1992

Darryl Trent of the Ironmen Interview, at Store Wars III c.1992

Last year I edited and uploaded footage from the Store Wars III event, which took place at Paintball Hill in May of 1992. This was raw KFTY news footage that Tony Meno, of Pacific Paintball, out of Santa Rosa, gave me on a VHS a couple years back.

classic paintball hill patch
Classic Paintball Hill patch from the late 80s to the early 90s.

Along with the video of the game there were several interviews on the tape, including Chris Haggin and Richard Mansfield (co-owners of Pacific Paintball), Gary Bennet (owner and operator of Paintball Hill) and Darryl Trent of the Ironmen (at the time and DLX today).  I uploaded all these interviews last fall except for Darryl’s.  In preparation for an interview I’m editing now from July 2013, with Tony Meno I took another look at the Store Wars footage and finished up Darryl’s interview.

Darryl Trent in February 1992 Paintball Sport International
Darryl Trent in an WGP ad printed in the February 1992 issue of Paintball Sports International.
Darryl is shown holding the 1991 World Cup Trophy.

In the interview Darryl talks about what it’s like to play on the Ironmen, the current tournaments they had participated in from 1991-1992 and the process new members must go through to join the team. The ad above lists some of the tournaments from the previous year and shows Darryl holding what might be the same Autococker he was shooting in the video.

nasty boys patch
Nasty Boys Patch, c. early 1990s.
Tiger Stripe Factory Team Patch
Tiger Stripe Products Factory Team Patch courtesy Tim Schloss of Tiger Stripe Products.

Darryl’s equipment and dating the video:

•Darryl’s autococker look pretty much stock although at one point he is adjusting his regulator which could indicate it’s a Rock Regulator which the Ironmen would have first used in about summer 1992.

•Trent’s barrel has the cuts at the end of the barrel which means it’s likely 1992 (not 1991).
•Nasty Boys Harness
•Scott Mask – I think the Ironmen were sponsored by JT so I’m not sure why he would wear this mask other than maybe it was more open on the base for the lavalier microphone that KFTY had mounted on him.
•Sandana headband with Skulls.  Darryl told me this was stolen on a trip to Europe in the 1990s.
•Tigerstripe Pull Over – The Ironmen were at this time sponsored by Tim Schloss of Tiger Stripe.

Bullseye patch
Bullseye patch. Late 80s to early 1990s.
JT Camo Patch
JT USA camo patch from the late 80s to the mid 90s.

Other pictured Ironmen and Paintball Hill players’ equipment in the video:

•Other Ironmen are wearing Bullseye T-shirts (Marty Bush).  The Ironmen at that time were sponsored by George Statler of Bullseye (2:19)
•Marty Bush is wearing a JT mask without the face plate (2:19)
•Another Ironmen player is pictured with the Red Patch (4:48)
•A player is wearing a JT Crossfire mask(4:50)

JT Crossfire Mask (Introduced end of 1991-early 1992):

JT Crossfire mask scanned from February 1992 Paintball Sport International
JT Crossfire mask new products write up printed in the February 1992 issue of Paintball Sports International.

The JT Crossfire mask was featured in new product ads in the same issue as Darryl’s WGP ad above, the February 1992 Issue of Paintball Sports International, which means it was likely submitted as a new product in December 1991 (3 month lead time).

Ironmen in early 1992 (event unknown, please post if you know):

1992 Ironmen Team photo
Ironmen Team photo courtesy Tim Schloss of Tiger Stripe Products. Crossfire mask indicates year is 1992.

Here is a group photo from around the same time, the 1992 season. This photo was given to me by Tim Schloss of Tiger Stripe Products.  I would imagine this photo must be from the 1992 season since Darryl (pictured lower left) is holding a JT Crossfire mask.  Tim couldn’t remember which event this photo was taken at, anyone have any ideas?

Ironmen Team Photo
Ironmen 1992 numbered Photo.

And a numbered copy with player’s names. I’m missing a few names so if readers know any please post:
1. Dirk Gadberry
2. George Statler – Bullseye Sponsor
3. Tim Schloss – Tiger Stripe Products Sponsor
4. ?
5. ?
6. ?
7. Phyliss Long
8. Bob Long
9. Darryl Trent
10. Michael Baird?
11. Rick Cendejas
12. Alexander “Zander?” Rose?
13. Marty Bush
14. Clayton Kyle

Thanks to Tony Meno for the VHS, Tim Schloss for the Tiger Stripe Products Factory patch and photo.

Find old school JT, Nasty Boys and Bullseye patches at:

And magazines at:

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  1. Regarding last photo described as 1992 photo:
    Please remember that we sometimes used products before they were released to the public so trying to guess a date by identifying a product may not be accurate. If this is a 1992 photo it would be in very early 1992.
    Too bad you can’t read the plaques we are holding to tell the exact event but it is most probably on the East Coast or maybe 1991 Dallas. I can’t find my plaque that looks like that.
    #1 is Gil Castillo. Dirk Gadberry is not in photo.
    #4 is Alexander Rose.
    #5 is the girlfriend of #6 ?First Name? Carter, an unsung awesome player.
    #6 Last name is Carter
    #10 ‘Buddy Mike’ Baird confirmed
    #12 is James (unknown last name) who had to lie about his 16-yr-old age to play in national tournament. James grew up in Marin with Alex R. and they were best friends and awesome playing partners. James died (some think suicide) some years back by falling from a balcony.

  2. Chicago looks right but not sure. Picture notes (Rick got most of this)
    1. Gil Castillo
    4. me! Alexander Rose
    5. Peg Atherton (not on the team)
    6. Carter Collins
    12. James Walsh (RIP) confirmed


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