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Two early injection molded Nasty Boys Loaders c.1989-93


In this video I look at two variations of paintball loaders offered by Nasty Boys. I don’t know much of the history behind Nasty Boys, but they sold tubes, harnesses, and soft goods and were based out of Southern California. Nasty Boys were also one of the sponsors of the Ironmen, who wore their giant harness designs around 1991-92.

I’ve been told that the unbranded loader shown was sold by Nasty Boys according to Gilbert “Gilly” Martinez of Mafia, The California Bushmasters, Hostile Takeover and the Dirtbags. I haven’t come across other evidence besides Gilly account relating to this loader. Year is likely 1989-1990.

The Nasty Boys branded loader was likely produced by Allen Paintball Products and sold around 1991-93? I don’t think Nasty Boys was around much longer than 1993.
The unbranded loader is built from slightly denser or harded plastic. These sometimes crack around the feed but are typically found undamaged.
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