TnC Products Smooth Body – similar to Jackal RDL (pre Sergey)


This Autococker body came raw from Chris Ogaz at TnC Products / Ogaz Enterprises. Paul Schreck had it anodized glass black at Technical Anodizing earlier this year and it looks great.

I am unsure on the year on this body, but it’s likely around 2000? Notice the volume chamber is milled out and a spacer is used to return the larger chamber to use a pre 2k banjo.
And I should have filmed in a different spot to avoid the black body on a black background.

This body is significant because the cut throughs between the upper and lower tube and in the sight rail are the same as the Jackal bubble bodies that TnC milled. The Early RDLs cut by TnC also share the same center cut throughs between the upper and lower tube. These similarities help tie together the products Ogaz made for Jeremy Garrett before Garrett moved to Sergey Levkov at Technical Trouble Shooting machining his bodies.

Find a photo of the early bubble body that Chris milled for Jackal here.

Find more on TnC Products and Ogaz Enterprises’ Paintball History here.


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