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Scorpion Elite, pictured in PSI June 1991

Last week I posted a photo of an original PSI (Pursuit Supplies International) Scorpion. Here is a photo of a later Scorpion Elite.

PSI Scorpion ad printed in the June 1991 issue of Paintball Sports International.
PSI Scorpion ad printed in the June 1991 issue of Paintball Sports International.

I haven’t come across any ads for the original Scorpion to gauge the release date but this advertisement for the later Pursuit Supplies International Scorpion Elite appeared in Paintball Sports International (the magazine) in June 1991.

The Tippmann 68 Special appeared in Paintball Sport International (again the magazine) in January 1991.

Scorpion Elite, as pictured in the June 1991 PSI magazine. Crop from the new products write up.

Lately, I’ve been trying to establish which events equipment premiered at, rather than articles in magazines since you never know how far in advance the write up are being put together.

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