Echo’s Pile of Poo Tippmann Prolite custom build


Here is another video with Andrew “Echo” Glover and Jason “Sniper42” Schwartz talking about Andrew’s Pile of Poo Tippmann Prolite, the winner of the winter 2012 Pile of Poo Custom project. This was filmed at SPEW 2013.

Andrew did some pretty nice modifications on this and it’s a nice transition from the beat up loaner (poo) it was originally.

pile of poo prolite
Echo (left) and Sniper42 (right) show off Echo’s pile of poo prolite.

Here is the build thread on mcb:

Find this post on facebook at: is another video with Andrew "Echo" Glover & Jason "Sniper42"…

Posted by on Wednesday, July 3, 2013


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