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Rick “Relliott” Elliott’s Stock Class Ghost #25 – Betty, c. 1994

On March 29th, 2015, at Spring Pump Event West, Rick “Relliott” Elliott showed me a vintage Stock Class Ghost that he added to his collection recently.

Features that are unique on this Stock Class Ghost include:
•The round end of the aluminum pump handle arm.
•The Ranger Frame (with custom spaced rail).
•The notch engraved on the receiver rail (which Colin told me was to cover up a blem).
•The custom engraving on the sight rail that reads “Betty.”
•The porting on the end of the barrel, which although is blemished, is still unique and adds some definite character.
•Autococker threaded barrel

Left side of Lapco Stock Class Ghost number 25.
Left side of Rick Elliott’s Lapco Stock Class Ghost number 25, aka Betty.

I remembered seeing this Ghost pop up for sale on ebay several years back by Dale “Sugarstump” Price, so I messaged Dale.

Left side close up of Lapco Stock Class Ghost number 25.
Left side close up of Lapco Stock Class Ghost number 25.

Dale wrote me back:
“Yup, that was mine. I had two, #25 and the original non numbered prototype (which I still have). I did get it from Colin, but I don’t remember where he was at the time. It was right around the time when he opened his own shop in Lemon Grove/Spring Valley (in San Diego). But it could have been at either location really, since we hung out whenever I came back into town.”

Dale Price's Stock Ghost
Dale Price’s early un numbered Stock Ghost with Line SI Bushmaster frame. More on this Custom Ghost.

Also asked Dale why the sight rail was engraved with Betty?
Dale replied:
“Now the story behind *BETTY* is that I am Betty! I was part of a group that did training for SWAT teams in Utah, Wyoming and Colorado. During one felony car stop training they got the driver out and asked who was still in the car. He told them just his girlfriend ‘Betty’, which happened to be me. The name stuck with me, so from then on I became ‘Betty’ every training session. Colin heard the story and cracked up, So he engraved it on there before I got it. I had actually forgotten about that. I should have kept that rail, ha!”

"Custom Ghost" engraved on sight rail.
Top view of “Custom Ghost” engraved on the right side of the sight rail on Lapco Stock Class Ghost 25.

The grip frame on this stock ghost is a later style that Colin used on a few Force Recons setup with Bore Drop or Breech Drop internals. Dale writes:
“The grip frame was the same that he was using on a run of ‘Force Recon’ guns he was doing at the time, that’s where that came from.”

Front of feed tube with #25 engraved on Rick's #25 Stock Class Ghost.
Front of feed tube with #25 engraved on Rick’s Lapco Stock Class Ghost.

Dale also comments on the scoop taken out of the top of the rear valve body thumbscrews, remembering that “the turned down rear thumbscrew was done by Colin, no reason except he could, and it looked cool.”

ranger frame on lapco force recon
A Lapco Force Recon Spectre / Spirit with the same ranger frame and notched rail combo.

Colin had also explained to me before that the “scoop” out of the rail would be to cover up blems.  But either way it does add some additional styling to the Ghost.

So far the original early 90s custom Lapco Ghosts I’ve seen include:
•Rick Elliott’s “Betty” #25 Ghost pictured above.
Un numbered Ghost I own, pictured in this article, which originated with Erick Lambarri (who purchased it from Colin).
Chrome Plated Ghost 32 which Paul Schreck purchased from one of Colin’s former employees.
Dale Price’s un numbered Ghost (pictured above but with more info at this link).
•And Ken Kelsch’s Stock Class Ghost with battle pump style handle.

If you have a early 90s stock class Ghost please send me some photos and let me know the serial number.

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