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Lapco Stock Ghost #32 Breakdown c.1994-1996?

Left Side of stock ghost 32
Left side of Stock Class Ghost 32 with Stock feed configuration.

Paul Schreck purchased this Custom Stock Ghost several months back from a previous employee of Mr. Paintball, named Steve (last name unknown). Steve was the original owner and had purchased the Ghost originally from Colin while he was employed at Mr. Paintball in Escondido.

Right side of stock class ghost
Right side of Stock Ghost 32. With stock class feed attached.

This Custom Ghost was likely made from left over stock that Colin purchased from Jon Sivers after Sivers’ closed Paintball Connection. In a press release published on Warpig (first archived on the “internet archive” in December of 1996, not sure when originally published) Colin writes, “I recently bought out the remaining LAPCO inventory from Jon Sivers at Paintball Connection. ”  
Find that press release here:

In this video I disassembly the stock feed, and add in the direct feed.  I also point out the custom engravings and show the barrel removal which is Autococker threads.

Right side of stock ghost
Left side of custom stock ghost with direct feed neck attached.
Right side of stock ghost
Left side of custom stock ghost with direct feed neck attached.

As far as I can tell, these Custom Stock Ghosts all differed slightly with the first few being produced around 1993 when Stock Class started gaining momentum in Southern California.

Dale Price's Stock Ghost
Dale Price’s early Stock Ghost with Line SI Bushmaster frame.

Dale Price remembers purchasing his Custom Stock Ghost from Colin Thompson during the time Colin was employed at Paintball Connection.
Dale writes:
“[Colin] hand made them and hand engraved each one with a number. I can’t remember exactly how many he, but I think it was 23. This one has no number on it, it was the original prototype, as was the raw barrel on it. And yes, the front sight blade is backwards and in the wrong spot (I know, I know…).
It has an old Line SI frame on it also that was sitting around the shop (if you hadn’t noticed).”

Serial on front of feed neck exterior of Stock Ghost 32.
Serial number on the front of the feedneck holder of Stock Ghost 32.

I’ve heard production numbers, from low 20s to mid 30s for these Lapco Stock Ghosts.  Steve ____, of Mr. Paintball, who Paul purchased Stock Ghost “32” from remembers a production of 36. I would guess the number wasn’t set but increased as Colin had requests for them.

In this video from a few months back, Paul Schreck talks a little about this stock Ghost.
Unique features on this Lapco Stock Ghost include:
•Nickel Plated Body
•Autococker Threads
•Adaptable feed from stock to direct
•Special engraving, “Custom”, “Stock Ghost” and “32”
•Porting on end of barrel

Close up of left side of stock ghost showing engravings.
Close up left side of stock ghost showing engravings.

I’m not sure whether Colin made Stock Class Spirits but I would image he must have considering his creative nature. If anyone has a stock class Spirit or any other information please message me.

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