Ant Linda Shoots a Team Dragoon Buzzard

Ant Linda Shoots the Dragoon Buzzard

While in Northern California for our 2018 Bacci Mountain Pump game Ant Linda and I tested this Team Dragoon Carter Machine Buzzard. This pump was built for Mike Jacot of Dragoons and to our surprise it shot fantastic!

Jacot emailed earlier this year to see if I was interested in this Buzzard. I ended up passing and sent him contact info for Sonny Phommarine who purchased it. Sonny eventually sold it to me several months later and although I initially resisted I could pass up this nicely cut up Buzzard with some great history. Sonny played on Broken Arrow which was formed when the Team Dragoon players split up so I figured he would know Jacot and have some interested in owned a Dragoon paintgun.

This Buzzard was likely 97 built about 1997 and features a slide frame, raw highlights, a rat attack changer and direct feed (although a stock class and a stock were also included from Jacot.

Ant Linda is shooting with the direct feed set up and feeding with a Geoff Box from Ben Silverstein.


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