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A P-Stock by Doc’s Machine on a 1K Blazer

Palmer's Pursuit Shop 1K Blazer with Doc Nickel P Stock.
Palmer’s Pursuit Shop 1K Blazer with Doc Nickel P Stock. Left side.

Earlier this year I posted a P-Stock for sale which came with a 1K Blazer I picked up. The stock was in great shape but I wasn’t sure on manufacturer.

Right side of the Doc Nickel P stock.
Right side of the Doc Nickel P stock.

This stock had a similar shape and build as a Marksman or MPM P stock but the edges were more round and the bar was fastened to the P mounting bracket differently.  It didn’t use a cross through screw to hold it together.

Left side view of the P mounting bracket.
Left side view of the P mounting bracket on the Doc Nickel stock.

I listed it as an unknown P stock but in June of 2014 Doc Nickel, of Doc’s Machine, emailed me.

End of the shaft on this stock.
End of the shaft on this stock is secured in with an Allen Screw.

Doc wrote:
“That P-stock is one of mine, I’ve made a bunch over the years. The round hole makes it prior to around 2003 or so, later ones had a trapezoidal hole. The shaft is press-fit, goes into the “block” about 5/8″- the rear mounting screw actually passes through it. The JB was just kind of a loctite for extra security.”

End of stock is attached to the P.
Shaft is attached to the P bracket and held in with some JB weld and is very study.

Looking at Doc’s Custom Gun Gallery page, you can see several markers that feature the same P-Stock at http://www.docsmachine.com/galleries/customguns.html

P stock mounted on the Blazer.
P stock mounted on the Blazer.

The angle on Doc’s stock P mounting block isn’t compatible with all asas but fit the pictured asa nicely.

Right side of Blazer with Doc Nickel P stock.
Palmer’s Pursuit Shop 1K Blazer with Doc Nickel P Stock. Right side.

Find this Doc Nickel stock at:

A MPM P stock
A MPM P stock that has been slightly milled down on the shaft. The P is attached to the shaft through a perpendicular horizontal screw.

And above is a Marksman or MPM P-stock for comparison.
The MPM stock can be seen at:

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