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PPS J Slot Quicksilver on a DF converted PMI 1

Finally assembling paintguns for some of the last media needed for Glenn Palmer’s interview videos. This PMI 1 was originally a stock horizontal feed but was converted with the magnum feed block, side tap and J Slot Quicksilver 12 gram changer. I bought the complete pistol in beat up shape several years back and finally assembled it again. I don’t know for sure if the feed and side tap on this pistol were done by Glenn.

An early Palmer's modified direct feed PMI 1 with the J slot Quicksilver.
An early Palmer’s modified direct feed PMI 1 with the J slot Quicksilver.

In 1987 Glenn Palmer developed the Quicksilver. In Fall of 1988 he first advertised the quicksilver and came up with the name “Palmer’s Pursuit Shop.”

Classic Palmer's Double Barrel patch.
Classic Palmer’s Double Barrel patch.

Glenn remembers his slogan as, “Attention Sheridan Owners, change your co2 in as little as three seconds, for further information call.”
In our 2013 videos interviews (not live yet), Glenn remembers that he received something like “1500 phone calls in the first couple weeks.” This giant boost in business was the encouragement he needed to quit the overhead door business and begin to work as Palmer’s Pursuit shop full time.
Glenn explains that the Quicksilver was initially “45 dollars installed,” and since there was machining modifications needed (J slots for first models and side drop out for models afterwards), customers would ship their Sheridans brass pump paintguns into to Palmer’s and he would make the necessary cuts.
The pictured J slot model is more uncommon and Glenn estimates that he “only built probably 40 or 50 Quicksilver units” with the J slot release. After that he thought up the idea to cut a side “drop slot” (which is what differentiates Glenn’s products from other competitors.

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