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Paul’s ”Circle Snubs” for Boxgun & Stock class Breech Drop Nelson builds

Paul's Circle Snub for Boxguns and Stock class Nelsons

Paul Schreck, of Circle Paintball, has a few stainless breech drop nelson bodies available for purchase.  These are high quality stainless snubs, with cocker thread, a centerfeed hole and can be used for a Boxgun, buzzard, ranger or other stock class nelson project.  

Find Paul’s thread on the snubs on mcb here:

Paul’s box gun with the pump handle removed. You can see the Tech T kit is box gun uses to size paint and prevent rollouts.

I’ll be getting a few of these ”Circle Snubs” from Paul for stock class builds and one to convert my Box to close to the same setup his uses. 

These can be adapted to a variety of setups and can be an awesome pump build.  

One conversion I’ll be doing will be Paul’s ”Circle Snub” will use a 007 Nelson Frame, 007 battle grips, Line SI Drop out changer valve body, Ranger bolt and hammer, Ranger powertube, Line Si Pump handle, Carter collar and feed.

These snubs will also work on Taso Buzzards and change them over to cocker threads.  That will likely be the second conversion I’ll be doing since all my Carter Taso thread barrels are gigantic bore sizes and in most cases even with large amounts of nail polish I still get roll outs.

Undersize view of the Stainless ''Circle Snub.''
Undersize view of the Stainless ”Circle Snub.”

When converting an old Buzzard to use these ”Circle Snubs” are standard nelson spec and not carter spec (length) so I’ll also need to replace the valve body to standard nelson specification valve body with a threaded screw hole since Carter use threads in the asa rather than the grip frame.

I’ll post photos when I have my conversions done. 

These bodies are great but you will likely need to be brave enough to do some grinding/dremeling/sanding on different parts internally if you’re doing a scratch build with one and not just dropping it into an already complete classic.

A couple other things to note.  The bottom hole in the breech snub for the front grip frame screw does NOT have a lot of meat since that area screws into the cocker threads.

For the Buzzard and Ranger conversions I’ll be using them the bodies are held into the setup by a collar so the front grip frame screw isn’t used.  But on a box gun or other nelson conversion that doesn’t use a collar the bodies will need some type of front anchor nut.  I think Paul had a threaded stainless nut attached to the front of his body.  

Keep in mind these will need Beveled cocker barrels so the ball can be pushed into the breech by the bolt.

I have one of Paul’s paintguns that I borrowed from him that uses this snub and I’ll be doing a teardown video of it and showing the snub by itself.  

Pictures courtesy Paul Schreck.

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