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Kevin Donaldson Interview videos

Kevin Donaldson Interview videos


Catching up on editing some video footage from earlier last year.  Here is a shot from an interview I did with Kevin Donaldson of the Master Blasters at Living Legends V on May 20, 2012.  

This raw footage was horrible (shot with my flip cam) but after stabilizing and adding about 30 Termite Gun pictures and Master Blaster team photos it’s starting to look alright. Because of the high winds I don’t know if there is much I can do for the audio so it hopefully the images and information will make it worth sitting through.

This will be one of four videos on Rob ”Termite” Smith’s Termite Gun and will likely be online sometime early next month.

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 Update: Find the completed videos with Kevin Donaldson here:
Donaldson on the Termite Gun:

Donaldson on Jim Anderson and Bo Peep and the Sheep

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