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Marine Team 1 Engraved Autococker Body & patch

Marine Team 1 Autococker Body

Marine Team 1 Autococker body that I’m going to rebuild along with a Marine Team 1 patch. 

“Gunny,” the owner of Jungle Island Paintball Park in Lake Elsinore was the captain of the Marine Team 1 and there are several magazines framed in the office showing Marine Team 1 Autocockers.

As for “Headhunters” on the bottom of the patch, I’m not sure if Marine Team 1 shared any links with the Headhunters of Sat Cong Village. I would think there was a 4-6 year gap between the two (Headhunters at SC Village and Marine Team 1 at Jungle Island Paintball). If anyone has any additional information please post.

The Marine Team 1 logo is engraved on the side.

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