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Team Sasquatch MicroMag and Speed Stock

Here is a quick video showing a neat Speed Stock on a PTP Micromag engraved for an early sponsored team, “Team Sasquatch” out of Florida. 

This Micromag has “Law Man” engraved on the passenger side which means it was likely owned by a team co-captain, John Law.

Here are two informative posts on Team Sasquatch from a post on a survival forum by Sasquatch team member, “Jack ‘JLB’ _______” (don’t know the last name).

User JLB writes:

“I was with Team Sasquatch out of Florida. We were Florida State Champs 4 years in a row, and placed in the top 5 at the World Cup (Orlando), the Indoor Championships (Tennessee), and the Pittsburgh Amateur Open. 

We eventually started beating the Jacksonville Warriors regularly, and merged our pro players with them in 1997. I stopped playing tourneys about then, as the family life took precident.” … “From the Indoors. We rolled out the Micromags as a sponsored team by Gun F/X and Armson.”

-JLB – 02-06-2009, 04:54 PM:
JLB goes on to write a response regarding the Doom Troopers out of Orlando:
“Yep, Russell Breeden was their captain when I was the captain of Welter Skelter. Those guys were all PMI pump guys with a few Bud Orr guns thrown in. My team was mainly using Tippman 68 Specials, and then PMI 3s until the Automags came out. The Troopers all switched to Auto-Cockers, and we all switched to Auto Mags. 

My first Auto Mag didn’t even have direct bore drop at the time. My team joined forces with the War Dogs, and renamed ourselves Team Sasquatch. John Law and I were captains. 

We had John Law, Chris Huffnagle, Jeff Cox, Matt Henry, Doug Zander (he owned Gun F/X and supplied custom parts for Pro-Team Products, who were the Armson distributers. Remember Forrest and Tracy?), and a few more guys.”

-JLB – 02-06-2009, 09:08 PM:

And another post by Jack on  Automags Online:

“I think mine might be a little more rare, as it’s one of the first 5 made, for the Indoor Championships in Tennessee.  

Pro-Team was our main sponsor, and these were the proto-type frames, anodized gold, with our team name, and names on them. Gun F/X was a collaboration between Pro-Team, and Doug Zander, who manufactured most of their gear for them, except the Armson barrels.

We wore matching gold and black Micro-Mag shirts, took 5th place, and won best dressed team.”

Jack from Team Sasquatch – 11-15-2005, 06:11 PM

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