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Gramps & Grizzly KBS Eliminator from Mac 1

Gramps & Grizzly KBS Eliminator from Mac 1


Here is a better pictures of the KBS Eliminator that was on the shelf at Mac 1 on top of Mike ”Grizzly” Grubb’s Idema vest (edit: the vest was in my closet not at Mac 1). 

I have seen I think 6 of these pistols, one of which was missing the feed/front sight (anyone have an extra feed/front sight?).

I would guess these were made in late 1986? Under the nelson grip this KBS is dated September 17, 1986.

Gramps and Grizzly wouldn’t have made these for very long after that because that is right around the time when the first Annihilator’s hit the Southern California scene and then everything was direct feed.

The only publication I have seen a picture of this pistol in is the first (edit: third not first) mail order catalog from Command Post from 1987. I’ll post that ad shortly.

(Edit: I originally wrote KBA instead of KBS)

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