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Idema Combat Supplies Mask to Belt Clip

Idema Combat Supplies Mask to Belt Clip
A nice look at the logo on this Belt loop Mask holder.
Idema Belt loop that holds on a mask
Idema accessory that attaches to a belt and hold something? Keys? I don’t know…Oh a mask?
A closer look at the idema logo on this belt loop mask holder.
A nice look at the logo on this Belt loop Mask holder.

Eric, aka “Maverick,” of StockClassPaintball.com, sent me over a message a couple weeks back identifying an Idema accessory listed on the site as an Idema mask clip. I had originally thought the accessory was a simple key fob.

Eric photo of the Idema belt clip holding a mask.
Eric sent a few photos showing how the Idema belt clip holds the mask in place. Photo courtesy “Maverick.”

Eric writes:
“A useless fact, this item is actually a goggle clip system. [It] came with the belt loop and also a plastic hoop that you threaded your goggle strap through. I still have and use mine, bought it new around 93. “

Mask attached to the belt with the Idema mask clip.
Another shot of Eric’s Mask attached to his belt. Photo courtesy “Maverick.”

Eric continues:
“The strap clip was so hard to get a JT strap though, we just cut the clip to get them on and then glued them.”

Close up of the Idema mask clip.
A close up shot of the mask attached to the clip. Photo courtesy “Maverick.”

I asked Eric if he had photos to illustrate how this Idema mask clip held a goggle system to a belt and he sent over the attached photos in this article.  

ACW clip that attaches Strap to Idema mask clip.
Clip that attaches to the mask strap and clips onto the Idema mask holder. Notice the split bottom which Eric purposefully broke to get the JT strap through. Photo courtesy “Maverick.”

Eric also found a link to ACW, the manufacturers of the buckle that goes onto the mask strap.

Find this mask clip on baccipaintball at:

I’m always excited to hear that I’ve identified something wrong because it typically leads to learning something new so if anyone sees items wrongly listed, please send me a message and point it out!
Thanks to Eric, aka “Maverick,” for the photos and the information. 

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