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UK Ads for Idema Combat Systems Vests

Last week I received a package from Justin “Jincay” Temple containing a load of flyers along with misc parts and pieces. Two neat Idema Combat Systems flyers were included which list prices and some information on different Idema vest models.

Idema ad flyer on the Pathfinder vest
Idema Combat Systems UK Flyer on the 1991 Pathfinder Vest. c.1990.

The first flyer explains ICS’ Pathfinder Assault Vest which was designed “at the request of Mick Holdaway” of Simulated Activities to provide players with a vest for 70rd tubes. This ad also mentions Idema’s “patented goggle holder.”
The goggle holder is a rare pouch which I’ve seen with belt loop sewn on the back and built to fit an early ICS mask or similar goggle system from the late 80s or early 90s such as the Whipper Snapper mask.

One of these mask pouches can be seen attached on the back right side of my belt in this Crosman framed phantom video:

Idema flyer page two on vest customizations
The second Idema flyer lists custom prices for accessories and embroidery for ICS vests.

The second Idema Combat Systems flyer, also printed in 1990 (likely to accompany the Pathfinder Vest flyer), explains options for customizing your Idema vest and gives some information on “Fifi O’Donnell, Senior Seamstress and Instructor of combat assault gear manufacturing at the ICS ft Bragg plant.”

The flyer states that O’Donnell accompanied Idema to the Nashville tournament which was likely the 1990 Masters. I believe Keith Idema’s conflict with “Fast Eddie” Dovnor was the following year, 1991.

In the flyers, options are listed with prices in pounds.  Unique listed modifications that I haven’t seen on existing Idema Vest include a “Stop Watch Modification” for attaching a watch to the front of the vest similar to early JT stock class harnesses.

embroidery options for ICS vests
Embroidery options from Idema Combat Systems show names of European teams.

Custom embroidery options are also listed, and since the target audience is the UK, examples given are European Teams that were likely sponsored by ICS, such as the Predators and Nam Wrecking Crew.

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