Delta Archery

Skip Swift of SwiftLine, an early Autococker Innovator

Skip Swift, of Swift Line Industries was one of the original East Coast Sniper 2 and Autococker innovators in the early 1990s. In the years after the introduction of the Autococker he worked on Bob Long and the Ironmen's paintball guns. He also produced parts and accessories in the early 1990s out of Connecticut.

Bob Long’s Ironmen 32 Degrees jersey

A look and some details about a possible 32 Degrees' jersey that is marked for Bob Long's Ironmen. This dates to 2001 and was likely a practice jersey.

Identifying the Ironmen in the January 1988 issue of Front Line

Mike Baird, Rick Cendejas and Michael Leon identify Ironmen players in the January 1988 issue of Front Line Magazine.

The Ironmen, pictured in Paintcheck 2/92 and early history

Rick Cendejas looks at the Ironmen in Paintcheck February 1992; Mike Baird and Michael Leon comment on the history of the Ironmen from 1985-87.

Brahim Estephan’s Vert Feed Ironmen Autococker c.1996?

Back in 2012 I traded for this vertical feed Ironmen body, empty, from Paul "lucky duck" Schreck. Paul has known...

Rick Cendejas on The Ironmen, the Intro of Semis and Tournament Play

Rick Cendejas explains his history playing with the World Championship team, the Ironmen though original captain General Rick Baird and Bob Long.

Darryl Trent of the Ironmen Interview, at Store Wars III c.1992

An interview segment filmed in 1992 at Paintball Hill's Store Wars game with Darryl Trent of the Ironmen and a relevant team photo, scans and patches.

Rob Shaffer’s 1994 Bob Long Signature Series Autococker

Rob Shaffer gave me permission to post these photos of a 1994 Bob Long Signatures Series Autococker with serial 19574 and all matched accessories.

Air America Regulator Weight Comparison

We take a brief look at the weight of several Air America inline regulators including Uniregs and a titanium Prophecy Air America Regulator.

Bob Long Autococker Back Block Cage remade!

Paul "Lucky Duck" Schreck had a few of these Cages remade for a couple Bob Long Autocockers we have and the final product looks great!

Introduction of Bud Orr’s Autococker and the Ironmen at the Lone Star Open c. 3/91

The Lone Star Open (c. March 1991) was the introduction of Bud Orr's Autococker to tournament play with the Ironmen as the first Autococker sponsored team.

A Benchmark Autococker 45 Frame Engraved for OTP

An Autococker 45 frame, made by Benchmark, that has been engraved on the back strap for OTP.

Ironmen at the Chicago Open c. 1991

The Ironmen pose, at what was likely the 1991 Chicago Open. Photo was sent to me by Tim Schloss of Tiger Striper Products.

The Ironmen and Strike Force merge – 1990

A scan from September 1990 Paintcheck on the Ironmen and Strike Force Merge to form the Ironmen of the early to mid 90s.

Youngblood’s 1994 Ironmen Autococker

One of the 1994 Nickel Plated Autocockers awarded to the Ironmen, this was Dave Youngblood's gun and I just rebuilt it.

Clayton Kyle’s Nickel Ironmen Autococker (c.1994)

In the early 90s the Ironmen continued to dominate the tournament paintball scene and in 94 they received their nickel plated Ironmen Autocockers.