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Ironmen at the Chicago Open c. 1991

I received this photo from Tim Schloss with the Team Tiger Stripe shirt I posted yesterday.

1992 Ironmen Team photo
Ironmen Team photo courtesy Tim Schloss of Tiger Stripe Products. Crossfire mask indicates year is 1992.

Tim attached a post it to this image that reads, “Ironmen, 1991, check out my shirt.”

Does anyone know which event from 1991 this was?
Edit: Rick Cendejas and Zander Rose comment on the link below that it was Chicago.

Here is the numbered image for identification.

Ironmen Team Photo
Ironmen 1992 numbered Photo.

Thanks to Rick Cendejas and Alexander “Zander” Rose for identification.

1. Gilbert Castillo
2. George Statler (of Bullseye see this link:
https://paintballhistory.com/george-statler-marcus-neely-icon-bullseye )
3.Tim Schloss of Tiger Stripe Products (see his shirt here:
https://paintballhistory.com/team-tiger-stripe-shirt-tim-schloss )
4. Alexander Rose
5.  Peg Atherton (not on the team)
6. Carter Collins
7. Phyllis Long?
8. Bob Long
9. Darryl Trent (of DLX )
10. Michael Baird
11. Rick Cendejas
12 James Walsh (RIP)
13. Marty Bush
14. Clayton Kyle

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