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The Ironmen and Strike Force merge – 1990

The Ironmen and Strike Force merge – 1990
Ironmen Merge with Strike Force. Scanned from September 1990 Paintcheck.

Here is a scan from the September 1990 issue of Paint Check about two Northern California teams, The Ironmen and Strike Force, joining together.

Ironmen and Strike force merge

I think that Marty Bush was previously playing on Strike Force with Clayton Kyle before the merge with the Ironmen.   

Bush is back row left, Kyle is back row from from the right.  Bob Long is front row two from the left.  Can anyone else name any of the other players pictured?

And here is an article I put together a while back on Kyle 1994 nickel Ironmen Autococker:


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  1. Maybe a little late but here are names.
    Left to right top row: Marty Bush,Dennis Wolfe, Clayton Kyle, Carter (can’t remember his last name).
    Bottom row: Me, Bob Long, Chip Hyde, Rick Cedejas.


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