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Auto Sterling article c.95 from French ‘Paintball Mag’

This week I started working on Mike Casady, of CCI’s, short interview video that I shot after last years super game with Tim at Paintballtek.com and Derek of Fogdoc.

March-April 1995 issue of Paintball Mag'

Getting media ready for Mike’s video, I came across photos I reshot from Mike’s collection which included the March-April 1995 issue of the French magazine, Paintball Mag’.

The new products portion of this issue features several interesting items, including the only published write up I’ve seen on the Sterling Auto Rocker, aside from this Warpig press release. This was also the same issue I posted the photo of the TVL Automag from.

Proline Auto sterling article from paintball mag 1995

The article reads (thanks to Nicki Bacci for the translation!):
Issue: N°11 March-April 95
The Sovereign
We’ve waited for it, and finally, voilà! The Sovereign is Sterling’s latest creation and it’s their first semi-automatic. It’s simple, with definite originality. Sterling also released a semi-automatic kit that can be assembled in less than 5 minutes on your STP, and without tools!
For any questions,
contact CAMP


Crop of the sterling's pneumatics in the grip frame
Enlargement of the switch and lpr pneumatics in the Sterling’s receiver.

The cut away picture in the article makes Palmer’s semi automatic influence clear.  The switch looks identical and the lpr functions nearly the same as well.  I believe Glenn consulted on this project with Dave Galsworthy (of Lada Sterling / Proline).

I still don’t know if this early Auto Sterling was named the Auto Sterling, the Auto Rocker or the early version of the Sovereign? The full marker shown in the magazine appears to be a mock since it’s missing the connection to the lpr and the air lines are hardlines?

If anyone remembers any information on this paintgun please comment or email me.

Find the previous article on the Auto Sterling here:

Thanks to Nicki for the translation from French and Mike for letting me shoot a bunch of his media. 

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