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The VerbeekOlater Nelson Pump Paintgun

I’ve been looking for more information on this nelson pump after Danny Guardado and Gilbert Martinez identified it as a possibly being created by a man named Verbeek. [Edit: actually was made by Ron and Tony Verbeek of Sudden Death].

VerbeekOlater left side
VerbeekOlater nelson pump paintgun built by Ron and Tony Verbeek.

Recently while talking to Sergey Levkov he mentioned remembering Verbeek’s pump and that it was named the VerbeekOlater. Sergey also recalls Verbique having owned or running a machine shop in the San Fernando Valley and playing on one team that possibly frequented Quest in Malibu. [Edit: the Verbeeks played on Sudden Death]

VerbeekOlater right side
VerbeekOlater right side

Here is a better image of the broken down “VerbeekOlater” that Danny Guardado of the Bushmaster immediately identified as Verbeek’s pump. It shares many similarities with Steve Buzick’s Reblines but does have a few small differences:
It uses hairpin Cotter Pins, or “R clips” instead of the quick disconnect pump arm latches.

VerbeekOlater barrel separated
VerbeekOlater barrel separated

The bolt is aluminum (although it might actually be stainless, I can’t remember) rather than delrin on the tip and doesn’t have the brass back half that Buzick used. The bolt is the same length as Buzick’s Reblines though (longer than standard nelson specification length).

VerbeekOlater barrel separated close up
VerbeekOlater barrel separated close up

The features on this supposed Verbiqulator pump are so close to Buzick’s unique options that if this isn’t an early Rebline then Buzick must have worked with the Verbiques or “purchased” the idea/design to develop the Verbiqulator features from them.

VerbeekOlater breech top view
VerbeekOlater breech top view

Here is the top side shot of the Verbeek’s VerbeekOlator pump.

Jessica Sparks wrote me regarding this paintgun:
“[I] remember Verbeek — and Buzick (Col. Bud). I remember seeing this marker. I believe it was before Buzick’s.”

VerbeekOlater breech bottom view
VerbeekOlater breech bottom view

 And the bottom view (yes one of the arms is bent).

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