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Jackal Machine Autococker Valve c.2003-2004

This video examines a Jackal Machine Autococker valve that Paul Yun received. This was machined by Sergey Levkov at Technical Trouble Shooting and Lapco. The valve itself is nearly identical to the ANS Valves that Levkov machined.

Paul Yun received this valve with a few Ripper Autocockers he purchased. This is one of only a few Jackal Machine autococker valves I’ve seen and the only example I’ve seen new in the packaging.

Front of Jackal Machine Autococker valve packaging.
Front of Jackal Machine Autococker valve packaging.

I had a hunch the valves that Jackal Machine sold were made by Sergey Levkov and after finding this example we are able to confirm this. Sergey explained that there is a “one oring difference” in the two valves. The ANS valve has an oring at the rear of the valve and the Jackal Machine valve does not.
In the video we also look at a letter that Terry Garrett of G3PB sent to the previous owner, Kurt.

Back of Jackal Machine Autococker valve packaging.
Back of Jackal Machine Autococker valve packaging.

Terry explains that the Jackal valves had not arrived in time so he included a Shocktech Rat Valve in place of the Jackal valve but would ship the Jackal valve when they arrived.

This shows a quality of commitment to customers that really made G3PB stand out during their run.

Find more history on Jeremy Garrett and Jackal Machine
And more on Technical Trouble Shooting and Sergey Levkov
And Autococker parts including Autococker valves for sale

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