Jackal Machine

TnC Products Smooth Body – similar to Jackal RDL (pre Sergey)

This Autococker body came raw from Chris Ogaz at TnC Products / Ogaz Enterprises. Paul Schreck had it anodized...

Benji’s early G3PB Jackal Phase II Autococker

Benji showed me this Jackal Phase II Minicocker last week. It's in really nice shape and the color is a solid blue.

A G3PB cut Jackal Autococker

A Jackal Autococker body pictured on the G3PB website that I found.

G3PB Jackal Milled Autocockers

Several Jackal Milled Autocockers that were shown on the old G3PB website.

G3PB and Jackal’s archived Autococker site

Terry Garrett and Jeremy Garrett's G3PB online retail site and Jackal custom Autococker and mill work website.

Jackal Phase 2 Minicocker

A Jackal Phase 2 Minicocker milled by Jeremey Garrett of Jackal Customs and G3PB.

Mystery Vert Feed Autococker body

A mystery autococker body that I haven't been able to identify.