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Benji’s early G3PB Jackal Phase II Autococker

Last week Benji showed me this rad Minicocker.  The body is a Jackal Phase II but lacks the window milling found on most Phase II’s back blocks.  The Anodizing is a nice solid blue and is in pretty nice shape.

G3pb website crop showing early phase 2 mini.
Jackal Phase II Screen shot showing off an early G3pb body lacking the window cuts very similar to Benji’s.
This screenshot was taken from the wayback machine archive of the G3PB website.

Terry Garrett has written in the screen shot above (from the G3PB’s archived site), “This is how the second body is progressing. Again, overlapping rear block but Jeremy [Garrett] decided not to cut through to the bolt. Instead preferring to carry on the theme of the body milling.” 

Benji’s Minicocker could actually be the finished body picture above, the cuts look identical?

The article linked below shows the entire screen shot that the crop above is from.

Find more G3pb and Jackal articles here:

Thanks to Benji for showing me this Autococker the other day.
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