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Unknown P-Block Reverse Minicocker

I bought this tiny P-blocked reverse Minicocker about 8 or 10 ago.  I haven’t seen too many shops built reverse Autocockers and since this paintgun came from somewhere in the Southwest I thought it was likely built by Brad Nestle while he was doing custom work at either Barritz, Olympic, or PBMax.

But Brad didn’t think this was his custom work. Brad wrote me:
“I really don’t think so. I hate those little rams and I usually put the ram on the right side along with the reg. The ram rod is different in the way it connects to the back block than I would have done it. Thanks for thinking of me but I don’t think it’s mine unless someone has really rebuilt it.”

Possibly a hacked up Brad Nestle SHO body.
Another body that was set up as either a reverse or an SHO. Thanks to Bryan Keker for pointing out it’s likely an SHO body by Brad Nestle.

Looking at some of Brad’s SHO and Reverse cockers which share similar principals I can see what he means.  The right side of the body on his guns (SHO and Reversed Autocockers) are typically recessed for ram so that the pump arm coming out of the ram will line up with the pump arm groove. Notice the recessed area in the (horrible shape) project Minicocker body above.

A reverse Minicocker of unknown origins. Left side.
A reverse Minicocker of unknown origins. Left side.

The other two shop in Texas which built alternate configuration and reverse Autocockers were Paintball Players’ Supply and Constant Action Sports. Paintball Players’ Supply was making the EyeBall Autocockers and Jack Withers was at Constant Action Sports making reverse Autocockers inspired by some of Brad’s early work.

Right side of the unknown Minicocker. This Minicocker has also been P Blocked.
Right side of the unknown Minicocker. This Minicocker has also been P Blocked.

I asked Brad if he thought this P Blocked Reverse Minicocker could be from either of those shops. He didn’t think so it was done by Paintball Players’ Supply but it could have been a Jack Wither project. He writes:
“[Jack] was big on doing a reversed gas block so it might be his.”

The cuts on the body look nice but the pneumatics and front block aren’t set up similar to the work I’ve seen from either of those shops so it’s likely just a one off from someone else.  The 1/8th npt hole for the LPR is on the front block is plugged so it’s just a standard front block.

If anyone recognized the work on this Reverse Minicocker please comment or message me.

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  1. The body could have been a paintball checkpoint custom. We did so much weird stuff back in the day that it might be one of our bodies. We did a lot of reverse P-block setups and bolts to match. One thing that’s definitely not ours though: Is that a spring return ram? i only see one line to the ram and only two lines to the switch.


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