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UK Colonial Automag Clone

UK Colonial Automag Clone

The Colonial is a UK produced Semi Automatic which is a near identical clone of the Airgun Design Automag. The main differences are the lack of a Z lock pin and the Milled Aluminum frame (which are also occasionally seen on early Brass Eagle Semis).

Colonial photo

A couple weeks back I posted a photo of Lou “Gramps” Grubb, Nicky Wilson, Mick Holdaway and a couple others associated with Holdaways’ field, Simulated ActivitieS (SAS for short):

I had been looking for some information on the Colonial and for information on the distributor TVL. 
Apparently Holdaway was not only behind SAS but moved from upgrading and distributing Aldo Perrone’s Brass Eagle semi automatics from around that period (Poison and the Golden Eagle which explains the same grip occasionally being seen on those BEs) to producing the Colonial. 

Mick offered a little information about the Colonial in the last message he sent me:

‘I made the Colonial here in the UK due to from John Sosta promising me distribution of the Automag after i had spent time and money promoting it through my shops. 
I then decided to manufacture it myself with changes such as an extruded 45 grip and other accessories as standard. The various anodizing patterns were our design and yes TVL sold some for us. In all we made around 1000 guns but the main sales stream came from the accessorizes.”

This Colonial should have different plastic grips on it which I have since come across to replace the stock WGP grips.

Brad Nestle add’s “[The Colonial] didn’t have a safety from what i was told.” From the photo I would say that Brad is correct.

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